What is Swimwear?

Swimsuit history | How has the swimsuit over the years? Trends and evolution of the costume have turned him completely, but our love for swimsuits and bikinis has never stopped!

What is Swimwear

The history of the swimsuit

There is a time of year that every woman looks forward to, what you finally can soak up the sun on a warm beach wearing his swimsuit favorite, what makes her feel beautiful and agile and in control of their bodies and etc. That between a woman and her swimsuit is a love story that has lasted for centuries…! Although much has changed over time, however, remained one of the leaders that women pamper and preserve carefully, we find out a little bit its history.

In the beginning was the bathing suit…

Obviously the story of the swimsuit certainly could not start with the triangle. No, poor us, 800 at the beginning we had to dive under the water with something that looked more like a dress, complete with hat , which in a costume… but needed more than that to stop us from riding the waves!

Then came the knickers

Via skirts, wide to the large knickers, already the ones that we usually see in movies like Marie Antoinette, and which were brought under the larger outfits. Knickers and corset were the perfect mix for a day at the beach for a woman of the mid-800

The costume is shortened to the knee

Slowly you gain a few inches less, and in the 20 of us from the beach ladies could produce a fair share of leg! The merit? All of the good old Hollywood that has washed off a bit ‘of modesty and made swimsuits a little less punished.

And finally the legs free

More flexible and shorter permanently swimwear 30s, say clearly more similar to what today might be called even a bathing suit. Of course we are far from minimal, modern style, but there is a nice improvement

The explosion bikini

The name, so do the stones, is the explosion of atomic atoll bikini because this costume was established in 1946 by the brilliant pencil that Louis Reard, to which every woman you love tanning and comfort will be eternally grateful!

The boom of the curvy model

In the ’50s there was the triumph of the pin up with soft and tantalizing forms and swimwear followed the current, becoming as leaders who modeled the body curvy and supported him in a comfortable and sexy!

The discovery of the monokini

The ’60s have made a revolution also in swimsuit giving us what we now call monokini, ie a bikini with a thin strip of tissue that joins the top to slip, leaving in plain sight all the rest

The advent of the psychedelic costumes

Needless to say, the sexual revolution of the ’60s and’ 70s etched not just on fashion swimsuit! They are used very different materials and cut in a more original and founded what eventually became an absolute must: the two crochet pieces!

The triumph of the Hawaiian style

A high-cut bikini with a top in tiny triangle, are the 80s, the years in which he dreams of America and a trip overseas is a reality only feasible for very few and Hawaii seem a dream unreachable and wonderful

The panty is a made cult

In the 90 explodes fashion Baywatch and Pamela Anderson, and consequently also of swimsuits, possibly red fire, and sgambatissimi strizzatissmi to emphasize the décolleté that, according to the fashion of the time, should be very, very generous

The mix is a new must have

And today? Today the secret to be trendy swimsuit is making a mix! There’s a definite style, the only rule is to be original and surprise mixing models, patterns, trends and adding the inevitable twist vintage