When The Trend Reaches to The Chinese, Bad

When is a trend saturated and burned? Of course if you see everywhere is that it is time to change to something new. But already If you see it in the Chinese in your neighborhood, is clear signal that it is better that you bury in the background of your wardrobe that garment that two or three years ago seemed so cool when you bought it.

How expand trends

Ever since we discussed here the cycle of trends, as human beings, trends are born, grow, reproduce and die. The first to adopt a new trend are the most innovative, people will copy them because they are the sufficiently cool to be imitated, and when already up to the last child of a neighbor has been the trend in question, is in stores, and even in the Chinese, It’s time to look for something new and groundbreaking to boast of being the last.

But calm, We already know that the trends always come back, so with these garments all we have to do is leave them parked in the closet until you get back your time. Sooner or later they will return, although always reinvented, of course. We have to make us buy and consume all the time.

What clothes does the Chinese right now?

Just take a stroll in Chinese shops for see what trends are already in the doldrums. And the truth, I’ve surprised, because between pink and purple Pajamas as Belén Esteban, and sequins leggings from impossible prints, garments with Leopard print, I found several ponchos and many fringe.

Two trends that promise to be more face to the spring and which have already come up to the Chinese. You have to see the haste given by copy. The truth is that the cycle of trends is increasingly short. Before I remember that since you saw your friend coming from London with any modern ignites ultra fashion, until you could find on handle or Zara spent two or three years, and hence that all over the world look it through the streets while they look at you weird, spent two or three more.

But not anymore, Internet and blogs have made that the cycle is very fast. Enough to see from your computer the streetstyle fashion week in Paris, many of these items can be found already in the blogs and on the shelves of the stores low cost whose production cycles are extremely fast. The trends are copied as soon as any blogger that we like to wears them, and they all have great hurry to put that trend as soon as possible to be the first photo. Saturation of trends happening in the twinkling of an eye.

The Chinese are no longer what they were

The truth is that the concept of Chinese clothing stores It is no longer as before. Increasingly there are more strings from China with acceptable quality clothing and they have been to date with the latest trends, doing that we can find these in stores at the same time as in other low-cost chains, with cool accessories at a price of scandal and stealing part of the cake shops like Zara or H & M.

In fact, their shop windows attract our attention with attractive designs and It is hard to distinguish them from other national or European origin shops. Before it was easy to pigeonhole them into “Chinese stores”, but today have been able to change in and out of the cliche. A makeover to better that we enter in these stores and irresistible prices and so many fashion clothes, buy.

Some of these shops are filled with clones, prioritizing the trend on quality, they know the trend is goes out of style in a very short time and that We buy, use and throw away immediately because we are always in search of something new. No matter what last garment, because total, we’re going to get tired of it until it spoils.

A constant race for brands

In that maelstrom, It is difficult for brands to differentiate and offer something new and innovative style. A problem faced by both low-cost shops and luxury shops. Obviously, the quality of materials is not the same a few shops to others, if you look in detail the clothes, you can immediately see the finishes are very different, but the garments in question, are very similar.

If you offer only trendy, it is have the same breastplate cowboy thousand different stores and a wide range of prices. So to get out of this grueling race, brands who want to sell are as unique and exclusive will have to go the extra mile, sell timeless pieces but avant-garde, not be classic, but not too modern. Brands that know how to offer the public a difference plus will achieve success.