Why they Never! Black Should Carry on the Job

The last interview was not successful and you wonder how it has located? We have the answer! According to a recent survey, black clothing is a career killer.

More content compliant? Then you should watch very very carefully! A survey of British cell phone covers manufacturer’s revealed, namely, that choosing our clothes it can be crucial.

Therefore, 20 percent of the total 2000 surveyed participants indicated that they return their last promotion on your colored dress choice.

Patterns are a career booster

According to “Telegraph”, a full 20% were sure that the skilful integration of colored parts positively would have influenced in her work wardrobe on her salary at the Group of 25-34 year olds. Four percent of all survey respondents are also sure that they deserve more up to 14,000 euros due to their colorful work outfits a year than the gray Office mouse from the desk next door. Why is that?

The results allow the presumption that conspicuously colored clad people appear more confident and creative–27 percent of all respondents indicated that they felt more confident in a colorful outfit.

With what colours you can impress the most at the boss the respondents according to: foremost brightly patterned pieces of clothing were called (27% of respondents), closely followed by red (15 percent) and – surprise! -Purple (10 percent).

Stay away from black?

Well, even if the half fashion industry favors black clothes – one dispenses with consistently the dismal non-colour: “Vogue” Paakkanen Anna Wintour, after all, the most powerful of all modern editors, revealed itself in the interview that she never wears black from head to toe. Wintour is known for her colorful outfits.

However, came a few months ago another study concluded that black clothes seem more intelligent and attractive to us can be. After all, called also red color, which makes us look strong and confident. Thus, a red black combination is perhaps the ultimate power outfit for the interview or the next salary / carriage negotiations.