Why, This Handbag Is More Valuable Than Diamonds

Who wants to invest money, should purchase a Hermes bag. A new study now explains why the bags as an investment are quite useful as diamonds.

Hermes bags are among the most sought after and most expensive of the world, the waiting lists for models such as the Birkin bag are extremely long. Still, it probably makes sense to wait for one of these bags. A study of the U.S. online retailers Baghunter has now found out that Hermes bags are even more valuable than we have so far adopted and have replaced diamonds as most Fashion accessory.

Hermes bags are among the most sought after fashion accessories – and increase their worth better than diamonds.

“In the last 30 years diamond prices put a mountain – and downhill, as well as gold, silver, stocks, real estate and most other investment opportunities”, so Evelyn Fox, CEO of Baghunter, opposite “who what wear”. The exception Hèrmes bags would be the Birkin – and Kelly bag, the value of which would have increased steadily in the past 30 years, especially.

As an example, Fox is called a Birkin Bag, which recently bought Baghunter. in 1980 it was bought for $2,000 (about 1830 euros), today it is worth about $10,000 (9150 euros). “by 2025 its predicted value will be 20,000 dollars (about 18,300 euros)”, so Fox. Given these examples, maybe some ladies on a noble bags under the Christmas tree are likely to hope. Hardly a man can contradict against so profitable investments.