Willa Holland, The New Girl Gossip Girl

After the departure of the bad very bad in the first season, Michelle Trachtenberg, and after the flirtations of Blair Waldorf with good faith, the role of villain in Gossip Girl was left vacant.

Until she came, Willa Holland, the girl who now will play Agnes, a model of reprehensible conduct that will attempt to lead astray on Jenny Humphrey.

Willa, diecisiste few years, step-daughter of the filmmaker Brian de Palma is, and this is obviously not her first foray on the small screen. After the typical childhood as girl ad, a couple of years ago she obtained a role in The O.C and since then, her romance with the rebellious characters has not done more to start.

Holland is not only a strong contender for actress but a kind of Cory Kennedy, but with trade, and their raids are immortalized and hung on the internet which cyber-soap opera. Another more lover of mima and addicted to the blogosphere.

Your profile is the girl well converted into trangresora, for those who want to become greater before time and whose way of life are parties, quick fame and face fashion.

But at least Willa has angel, is the American clone Emmanuelle Béart, and apparently, and judging by the last episode of Gossip Girl, le surplus talent. Time will tell…