Woman with Scarf from Zara Store Kicked

After last Saturday, one day after the devastating attacks in Paris, a woman with hijab was denied entry in a Zara store, two others had to go: the responsible employee.

The Islamist attacks of last Friday have shocked the Parisian population. Some here, like about the (former) security guard of a Zara store, seems to see the terror – as well as in a woman who wanted to enter the store with hijab since then in every Muslim person. Because she didn’t come to his request, to take off the headgear, he refused her entry.

Shitstorm on the net
On Saturday she had been recording their phone’s camera on the net, which caused storms of indignation and boycott calls in the Internet community. In the meantime, he had other consequences.

Zara has dismissed two employees
On Tuesday, two days after the scandal, Zara France boss Jean-Jacques Salaun has expressed to the French TV station France 24 about the damaging incident. “There has never been such statements”, assured Salaün. And since such behavior at Zara have “nothing to do”, the fashion company separated now by the security guard as well as by the managers of the branch.

Several attempts to smooth the waves
This was the second measure, according to public opinion by Saturday. In the company’s management said “Respect for diversity” as an essential cornerstone of the company, for the at least 140,000 Zara employees around the world are working.

The wearing of burqas and headgear, which cover the entire face, is banned in France. Hijabs, however, cover only the hair and are accordingly allowed.