Would You Wear This Menstrual Brooch?

How about a piece of jewelry in the form of a blood stain or a rhinestone occupied sanitary napkins ring? Young artist Lili Murphy-Johnson has designed a jewellery collection on the topic of menstruation.

The period is usually nothing to do with the woman himself like to adorn. Artist Lili Murphy-Johnson wants to set a sign against the stigmatization of menstruation with their new jewelry collection.

“The dripping, female body”
“There’s an interesting conflict in the perception of the female body, which is considered to be so perfect and at the same time as so preposterous and unclean”, explains the graduate of London University of arts.

The endless amount of hygiene products in the drugstore reinforce the impression that the period is something dirty, something does not match what the body and must be hidden. “My collection is inspired by the menstruation and the frustrating, dripping, female body.” The collection has three parts. “One who deals with the premenstrual symptoms such as confusion, puffiness and clumsiness, the second concerns the products that people use for their period and in the third the blood itself”, explained the artist their pieces in an interview with “Huffington Post”.

Idea comes
With traditional materials and techniques, she wanted to process an unconventional theme, otherwise non – associated with jewelry in connection and that is managed quite well.

If indeed someone wants to wear these jewelry pieces, is a completely different question. The reactions of friends and tutors is at least positive down, declared Lili. “Some people were shocked but in an amused way.” Her unusual collection of fresh graduate has at least directly brought a job at the prestigious luxury jeweler Shaune Leane.



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