Zara Lookbook For April – And 3 Trend Wisdom For The Summer 2013

Are we wearing what actually this summer? This question is Nike and I us in the past frequently, because everything with which we have dealt in recent times was not only in view of the weather of winter, but also the recent past drawn fashion show month. The trend summary for the frosty season to 2013/2014 is therefore still very fresh in the mind, while the drawn-out summer highlights have already disappeared in the depths of our head.

But what to do when the summer should announce yet? Don’t worry: in the coming weeks will be go for now almost all exclusively to the summer. And what as should be carried out, almost a fashion giant Zara short and crisp in at least three trends that are likely to make it 2013 now completely: aka the new Middle strapless (!), allover white looks fixed from last year taken and most important: the lace pattern, that is mainly reflected on short shorts and pullovers.

Sporty looks hit the white Unton – which is „ new sportiness “ of the year 2013, which focused mainly on our shoes and the headgear one step further. As well, we recommend not afraid of your been, track pants or visible Sports Bras. ready?

What says the trend Oracle Zara, is well researched, well copied and certainly groundbreaking – and that at this point does not mean that we want to send you blind to the Spaniard. Quality and price are there unfortunately not Lookbook relative – as the one or other already knows of you. For inspiration and thoughts refresher, we are the fashion chain in this case but nevertheless extremely grateful. And a look at the complete Lookbook for April is advisable anyway – here along!