5 Pieces of Clothing to Disguise Body Defects

Although all women know that every body has a characteristic and a specific type, sometimes it’s not very easy to accept some small defects that, despite making every single woman bothers you and disturbs the well-being and self-esteem.

The main complaints of women are the chubbiness on her stomach, little chest and hips, but there are clothes to disguise these flaws.

The more the woman knows the body you have, the more she knows what clothes and accessories to wear to disguise these defects and achieve, visually, a most desired body. For this, there are several tricks with clothes to disguise flaws that come on the following lists:

Meet the garments to disguise body defects

  1. Clothes with Textures at the Time of the Bust

To increase volumes that you do not have to give the feel of boob job, abuse of textures, prints pockets and overlays of shirts, scarves and accessories.

In the case of small breasts, these elements “augmentative” must stay at the bust area.

Deep necklines and tight sweaters doesn’t help in this case, on the contrary, just decrease the breasts. Then, abuse of the blouses and dresses with detail in the breast area.

To make you feel even better, use padded bras and show her breasts.

  1. Pants and Skirts with Vertical Lines

The wide hip is perhaps the most recurring feature in the body of the Brazilian woman, but unlike the foreigners, Brazilian woman usually dislike of their hips.

Horizontal lines and vertical increase decrease. So pieces that have vertical stripes from the waist down also help in time to minimize hips.

The pieces of clothing to disguise body defects also indicated in this case are those who call attention to the shoulder and pulls out of the hips.

For this, choose a look composed of colourful blouses and pants, or skirts dark, preferably black.

Another tip is to avoid clothes that mark very to waist. With cuts to fine-tune this part of the body, which is just above the hip, consequently the hip gets bigger. We must avoid pockets on hip height as well.

  1. Loose Dresses and Gowns

The pieces of clothing to disguise the defect of lack of waist are those that enhance the hips.

The options are gowns and dresses with trim loose from the waist to the hip, preferably in formats, that open a little at the beginning of the hip to the end of the play.

Clothes with details at the waist as ties and belts are also good options. In short, the ideal parts are those that increase hip and lie at the waist.

  1. High Waist Pants

Clothes to disguise body defects as the unwanted fat deposits in the belly are the most sought after by women.

As the jeans is one of the most used items all over the world, the best option in this case is to dispense with the low waist pants, which mark lot to belly, and choose the high waist, which masquerades as just part of the belly where they concentrate the pulled.

The other tips to disguise the belly are simple: bet on blouses, dresses, jackets and shirts more soltinhas, as the gowns and shirts into pants loose gently out.

The skirts more larguinhas generate a better effect than pants, for example.

  1. Clothing with Stripes and Horizontal Details

The clothes with horizontal details are the best option to disguise flaws such as women who are very thin and cannot acquire body fat and muscle.

These pieces provide a visual of the body increase, improving the appearance of who thinks he’s too thin.

The bulky fabrics and pattern and textures also help in this case, in addition to the light and dark tones overlays.

Is independent of defect that the wife, if she thinks it’s big or small, what matters is that she feels good about himself and the pieces of clothing to disguise flaws of the body help in this process.

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