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Barbados Politics

State and politics

Barbados is an independent state within the British Commonwealth. Also see AbbreviationFinder for abbreviation of BB and its meanings of Barbados. The British monarch is head of state and is represented on the spot by a general governor. He appoints the person who holds a majority in the National Assembly as prime minister and, on the proposal of the prime minister, also other ministers. Parliament consists of two chambers: a Senate with 21 members, appointed by the Governor-General, and a National Assembly with 30 members, elected in general elections for a maximum of five years. The voting age is 18 years.

Government and Politics of Barbados

In the January 2008 parliamentary elections, the Leftist Democratic Labor Party (DLP) won back the government power it lost in 1994, and the moderate Social Democratic Party Barbados Labor Party (BLP) went into opposition. DLP leader David Thompson became prime minister. Contributing causes of BLP's loss were price increases and allegations of corruption.

David Thompson died of cancer in 2010 and was succeeded by Deputy Prime Minister Freundel Stuart. He succeeded somewhat unexpectedly in retaining the Prime Minister post after the 2013 election, which was won by DLP despite many expecting a change of power. See also History.


The material right is largely English-inspired. The judiciary consists of magistrates 'courts, the Justices' Appeal Court and the Supreme Court. The highest court is the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in London. The death penalty can be punished for some serious crimes.

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