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Eritrea Politics

Government and Politics of Eritrea

In February 1990, the EPLF conquered the port city of Massawa and then almost the entire Eritrean area. The rebels captured Asmara and the day after the port city of Aseb. The road between Aseb and Adis-Ababa is the only supply route via land to the Ethiopian capital. Also see AbbreviationFinder for abbreviation of ER and its meanings of Eritrea.

The EPLF declared at the end of May that it would establish a provisional government and in July it agreed in the Ethiopian capital to hold a referendum under UN monitoring within two years.

Asmara and Adis-Ababa agreed to normalize relations between the two countries. The Red Sea ports were reopened to receive foreign aid. That same year, the rain began to fall again in Eritrea, marking the end of 2 years of drought.

In the referendum held in April 1993, 99.8% voted for independence. The EPLF formed a provisional government tasked with drafting a new constitution within a 4-year timeframe and then printing new elections where several parties had the opportunity to stand; the government was led by Issaias Afwerki. That same year, Eritrea was admitted to the UN.

In February 1994, the EPLF held its 3rd party congress, which transformed the organization into a political party under the name of the People's Front for Democracy and Justice, FPDJ. Eritrea joined the IMF that same year.

The disruption of diplomatic relations with Sudan in December 1994 made it difficult to repatriate the 500,000 refugees. Issaias declared in October 1995 that his regime would supply weapons to any group prepared to overthrow the Khartoum regime.

In 1996, the planned distribution of land to foreign investors was delayed by real estate discussions. Government restrictions on the establishment of political parties and restrictions on freedom of expression continued.


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