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Eswatini Politics

State and politics

Swaziland lacks the constitution and is governed as Africa's only absolute monarchy. The succession is hereditary. After the 1968 constitution was repealed in April 1973, the King proclaimed a new constitution in October 1978, which included banned all parties, but it has not been formally approved. In 2006, a new constitution came into force, but although certain civil rights are guaranteed in it, the monarchical monarchy remains. Political parties are still banned and the opposition is being persecuted. The legislation is dealt with in an advisory two-chamber parliament, libandla. Of the 69 members of the Assembly, 59 are elected locally and 10 are appointed by the King. Of the Senate30 members are appointed 20 by the King and 10 are elected by the Assembly of Representatives. The term of office is five years. Elections were held in 1998, 2003, 2008, 2013 and 2018. However, the king can rule by decree.

Government and Politics of Eswatini

After the repeal of the Constitution in 1973, it was declared that all legislative, executive and judicial power belongs to the king. However, the judiciary developed to some extent autonomously, but in June 2001, the king took over all power over the press after banning two newspapers, the Guardian and The Nation, which the Supreme Court did not find lawful. Two powerful development funds, Tisuka and Tibiyo, hold virtually all economic power in Swaziland and support the absolute monarchy. Compare the History section. Also see AbbreviationFinder for abbreviation of WZ and its meanings of Swaziland.


The legal system in Swaziland consists of a mixture of Roman law (Roman-Dutch law, introduced via Transvaal), domestic law, local custom and English law. The highest court is the Court of Appeal. The death penalty remains in the legislation but is de facto abolished in 1983.

Heads of State


1968-82 Sobhuza II
1982-83 regent: Queen Dzeliwe
1983-86 regent: Queen Ntombi
1986- Mswati III
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