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Honduras Political System

The Constitution of 1982, as last amended in 1999, is the 14th since independence in 1838. After the Constitution, Honduras is a unified state, democratic republic. The supreme authority has been appointed a president, who is elected in the general election for four years and cannot be re-elected. The Legislative Authority has added a national congress of 128 members, elected in ratio elections for four years. The voting age is 18 years. In response to the country's long-standing dictatorship, and the fact that military leaders have played a significant role in politics, the Constitution contains provisions that give the National Assembly significant powers. The assembly may include: accept or reject a number of decisions the executive makes.

Government and Politics of Honduras

Two parties dominate; the Conservative National Party PN and the liberal PLH. The policy is characterized by instability, with frequent interference from the military, both formal and real. The influence of the United States has also been great.


Administratively, the country of Honduras is divided into 18 ministries. Also see AbbreviationFinder for abbreviation of HN and its meanings of Honduras.


The judiciary is headed by a Supreme Court of 15 members, elected for seven years by the National Assembly. The legislation is characterized by Spanish examples with increasing influence from English law.

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