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Kiribati Political System

Following the 1979 Constitution, Kiribati is a democratic and unified state republic. The head of state and the head of government is a president, beretitenti, elected in the general election for four years; he can be re-elected up to twice. The President is elected from among three or four members nominated by and among the members of the National Assembly, after this election.

Government and Politics of Kiribati

The government consists of the president, the vice president, the prosecutor and not more than eight ministers. The latter are elected by members of the National Assembly. The government is responsible to the National Assembly, Maneaba ni Maungatabu, which has legislative authority. It has 44 members elected in the general election, as well as one member nominated to represent the Banaban community (the island of Banaba had to be vacated following the British phosphate development). If the Attorney General is not elected a member of the Assembly, he has an ex officio seat in it. The President of the Assembly is elected from among those who have not been a member of the Assembly. The assembly is for four years, but can be dissolved earlier. The voting age is 18 years.

Kiribati also has a government minister, consisting of the head of the Public Service Commission, the Supreme Court chairman and the chairman of the National Assembly. The government may take over the board when other government agencies are not functioning. Also see AbbreviationFinder for abbreviation of KI and its meanings of Kiribati.

Administratively, the country was previously divided into six districts, each headed by a state official. After independence, each of the 21 inhabited islands in the country has its own elected council, with the exception of the islands of Tarawa and Tabiteuea, which have three and two councils respectively.

The judiciary

The judiciary comprises 24 magistrate courts, based on the various islands. One of these courts has national jurisdiction. The Supreme Court is an appeal body and consists of a court president and four other judges. All judges are appointed by the President.

Kiribati's defense

According to the Constitution, Kiribati is not to have its own defense forces. The country has defense agreements with Australia and New Zealand.

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