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Malawi's Political System

Under the 1995 Constitution, Malawi is a republic. The supreme executive authority is added to the president, who is elected in the general election for five years. Whether the president is unable to complete his term takes over the country's vice president, as happened in April 2012 after the death of President wa Mutharika. Legislative authority has been added to a national assembly with 193 members elected in the general election. The assembly is elected for five years, but the president has the right to dissolve. The last presidential election was held in May 2009, at the same time as elections to the National Assembly, and the next election is scheduled to be held in May 2014.

Government and Politics of Malawi

Administrative division

Administratively, Malawi is divided into three regions: the northern, the central and the southern. The regions are further divided into 28 districts. The local units are mostly led by representatives appointed/approved by the central authorities. The last local elections were held in the autumn of 2000, and after the Constitution, local elections were held every five years. However, the planned elections in 2005 and 2010 were canceled, and the constitution has now been changed to allow the country's president to decide if/when such elections will be held. Also see AbbreviationFinder for abbreviation of MW and its meanings of Malawi.


The courts include a Supreme Court of Appeal, a High Court and, as a first instance court, magistrate courts. The Supreme Court is the last instance in both civil and criminal cases.

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