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Samoa's Political System

Constitution and political system

Following the Constitution of 1962, Samoa is a constitutional and partly parliamentary-democratic monarchy. The set is characterized by a mixture of English and Samoan traditions. The head of state, called O le Ao le Malo, has been the sole leader since 1963. When he dies, the successor is to be elected by parliament for five years, among the four bearing the title of "royal son". The executive power lies with the prime minister, who is elected by parliament, and by a government the prime minister appoints. Parliament, Fono, has 49 members; 47 is elected for five years among Samoan Mataians from local circles, nominated by their clans as chieftains. The last two are elected from non-Samoan citizens.

Government and Politics of Samoa

Samoa is divided into 4 regions, where the Mataians, through their own councils, exercise a considerable degree of local autonomy.

The judiciary

The judiciary is characterized by a combination of British and traditional law. The Supreme Court is the Supreme Court, a Court of Appeal (presided over by the Chief Justice), the Magistrate's Court (consisting of two magistrates and four Samoan judges) and the Land and Title Court (presided over by one of the Supreme Court judges).

Weights and Measures

Dimensions and weight are metric.

Samoa's defense

Samoa has no regular military forces. The country has had a defense and friendship agreement with New Zealand since 1962. Also see AbbreviationFinder for abbreviation of WSM and its meanings of Samoa.

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