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Solomon Islands Politics

State and politics

The Solomon Islands has been an independent state and member of the Commonwealth since 1978. The British regent is represented by a Governor General, who must be a citizen of the Solomon Islands. Parliament has a House with 47 members elected over four years. Parliamentarism is applied. Some of the power has been delegated to the provincial councils, in which the traditional leaders have a special influence.

Government and Politics of Solomon Islands

There are a number of political parties in the Solomon Islands, but they have more of a character of valiant alliances. Also see AbbreviationFinder for abbreviation of SB and its meanings of Solomon Islands. At the 1993 election, Solomon Mamaloni's government block Group for National Unity and Reconciliation was defeated by National Coalition Partners, and new Prime Minister Francis Billy Hilly. This one has to address the conflict with Papua New Guinea, which has accused the Solomon Islands of supporting the separatist movement Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA) on the island of Bougainville.


The legal order is based on English law in combination with local customary law. The judicial system consists mainly of the High Court and the Court of Appeal. The death penalty does not exist in the penal code since the country became independent in 1978.

State and politics

Solomon Islands is a parliamentary-democratic constitutional monarchy with the British Queen as head of state. She is represented by a Governor General. The government is headed by a prime minister elected by members of the National Parliament. He proposes the government's 30 members appointed by the Governor-General.

The Prime Minister and the Government are responsible to the National Parliament, which has one chamber of 50 members elected in general elections. They are elected for five years and can be re-elected once.

The Solomon Islands are divided into nine provinces and one city (metropolitan area).

The country is devoid of military forces. A police force of nearly 500 men is monitoring the economic zone.

Solomon Islands is a member of the United Nations, the Commonwealth, the World Trade Organization, the World Bank and the Pacific Islands Forum.

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