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Uganda's Political System

Following the 1995 Constitution, Uganda is a presidential and unified state republic. The head of state, the president, is elected in the general election for five years. He has wide powers, is a military commander and appoints the prime minister and government.

Government and Politics of Uganda

The Legislative Assembly, the National Assembly, has one chamber and consists of 303 members. 214 are elected directly in the general election, 81 are nominated among various interest groups (including 56 women and 10 from the army), as well as eight designated mandates. The elections are valid for five years. From 1986 to 2005, Uganda had a "zero-party system" in which the elected officials formally did not belong to any political party. In a 2005 referendum there was a clear majority to allow for free party formation, and in the 2006 elections six parties participated. President Museveni's National Resistance Movement NRM, which has been in power since 1986, received 205 of its seats.


Administratively, Uganda is divided into four regions and 56 districts, led by elected bodies. The local governance is still under development. Also see AbbreviationFinder for abbreviation of UG and its meanings of Uganda.


Legally, the land is divided into magisterial areas. In every area of ​​law there is a superior court. Under him there are three categories of magistrates, with only the first category of magistrates having full legal education. Cases from courts headed by the first category of magistrates go directly to the supreme court, cases from the other magistrates to the supreme court of the jurisdiction and, if necessary, to the supreme court. A Supreme Court acts as the Supreme Court of Appeal.

Presidents of Uganda

Period President
1963-1966 Frederick Edward Mutesa II
1966-1971 Milton Obote
1971-1979 Idi Amin
1979 Yusufu Kironde Lule
1979-1980 Godfrey Lukongwa Binaisa
1980 Paulo Muwanga
1980-1985 Milton Obote
1985-1986 Tito Okello
1986- Yoweri Museveni
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