Agia Napa Travel Guide

Agia Napa – a dream destination for beach holidaymakers and partymakers. The fast-paced Agia Napa is suitable for both families and groups of friends. Beautiful beaches attract summer holidaymakers to the classic Cypriot destination.

Agia Napa is one of the most popular destinations in Cyprus, with beautiful beaches and a vibrant nightlife. In summer, the sunny destination attracts both young partygoers and families with children who want a relaxing holiday.

Agia Napa

The Mediterranean sun invites you to relax

Located on the south coast of Cyprus, Agia Napa – which can also be typed in Ayia Napa – is known for its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife. The sunny resort will inevitably run into young people partying from morning to night, but the destination also offers comfortable holiday opportunities for families. Europe’s cleanest beaches and one of the largest water parks also guarantee activities for children.

Agia Napa has few actual attractions, but the most important are the 16th-century monastery, the Cape Greco Natural Park and the harbor. If you want to see more, you can rent a car and go on an island tour. Good places to visit include the capital Nicosia and the Troodos Mountains.

Agia Napa has a Mediterranean climate

Agia Napa has a Mediterranean climate

Cyprus has a Mediterranean climate, characterized by dry and hot summers and mild and rainy winters.

So it is worth traveling to Agia Napa from April to September, when the sun is guaranteed to shine. The hottest is in July, when the mercury stays on the thirty-degree right side. The sea water, on the other hand, is warmest in August.

Beach holidays on the cleanest beaches in Europe

Above all, go to Agia Napa to enjoy a relaxed beach holiday. Agia Napa has several Blue Flag certified beaches that are clean and well maintained. The turquoise shimmering water and shallow beaches are also ideal for families with children.

The most popular of the beaches is Nissi Beach, which is often described as the best beach in Europe. Other popular ones include Sandy Bay, Grecian Bay Beach and Konnos Bay. Sun loungers and parasols are available for rent on the beaches. During the day you can fly for about 5-8 euros.

The beaches also have good opportunities for various water sports such as water skiing and paragliding. There is also a long promenade by the sea, along which it is easy to move from one beach to another and to the port.

Agia Napa is a favorite of the festive people

Agia Napa has a very lively and popular nightlife. Agia Napa has often been compared to Ibiza’s party separation. In addition to young people from the Nordic countries, British young people and Russians go there to celebrate.

There is plenty of choice in the bars and nightclubs and the festivities are practically around the clock. Bars and nightclubs can be found along Nissi Avenue, the main street, and around the monastery square.

During the day, the party can be found on the so-called Party Boat, which sails the waves of the Mediterranean. In the evening, pubs and cocktail bars open their doors, with visitors competing for a variety of drinks. Most also have a variety of theme parties, such as a foam party. The bars close at two o’clock at night, with some clubs and nightclubs just opening their doors.

Shopping in Agia Napa

Shopping in Agia Napa is mainly limited to souvenir shops, grocery stores and a few clothing stores on the main street Nissi Avenue and the promenade. There are hardly any stores selling branded products, with a few exceptions.

If you want to shop properly, you should go to Larnaca or Nicosia, where you will find a comprehensive selection of shops. The price level in Cyprus is slightly cheaper than in Finland.

Good to know about Agia Napa

Ayia Napa is a tourist destination, so for those looking for cultural attractions, it has nothing to offer. There is only a touch of local atmosphere in the destination, and even more so you have to look outside the city center.

Also known as a party paradise, the destination is not suitable for a holidaymaker looking for peace and quiet. Bars and nightclubs play music at very high levels, so hotels near the city center may have noise nuisance at night.

For families with children, the destination offers beautiful, shallow beaches and a water park with wild slides. Agia Napa is better suited for families with slightly older children. There is little to do for the little ones in the family.



The package tour will take you there

Cyprus has good connections from Finland. The direct flight from Helsinki to the main airport in Cyprus, Larnaca, takes about four hours. Scheduled flights cost about 300-500 euros. Larnaca is less than an hour’s drive from Agia Napa.

The easiest way to travel to Agia Napa is to take a prepared package tour. There are several tour operators offering flights, accommodation and airport transfers. Cheap departures are often also available at Agia Napa.

Comprehensive accommodation offer

Agia Napa is a popular holiday destination, so the hotel offer is in line with it. Everyone can easily find a hotel that suits their budget and standards. The selection includes both luxury and more modest accommodation. All-inclusive hotels are popular with families with children, making it easy to spend a holiday with the little ones in the family.

You can also rent a house from Agia Napa for a longer period of time.

Getting around on site

The center of Agia Napa is quite small. The beach, harbor, shopping and restaurants are close by and everything is easily reached on foot. If you want to go a little further, the best way to fold your trip is to take a taxi. Agia Napa also has bus traffic, although its operation is at times uncertain.

If you want to go on an island tour, you should rent a car. Two-wheelers are also available for rent. When driving a car, keep in mind that Cyprus has left-hand traffic.



Beautiful beaches and lively harbor

The best of Agia Napa are the beautiful beaches and the lively harbor.

Both the tourists and local fishermen meet in the bustling harbor. From there you can grab a day cruise on a glass bottom boat or catamaran and set off to enjoy the day on the Mediterranean waves. There are also many restaurants in the harbor offering both local and international cuisine.

The beaches of Agia Napa are fine sandy, shallow and crystal clear. Ten Blue Flag certified beaches attract sun worshipers, swimmers and water sports enthusiasts. Opportunities can be found from water skiing to paragliding and from pedal boats to jet skis. Snorkeling and diving are also possible, although there is considerably less to see than in the Red Sea, for example.

The most popular beaches are Nissi Beach, Sandy Bay, Grecian Bay Beach and Konnos Bay. Makronnissos is closer to the water park and is a little calmer.

Monastery of Agia Napa

Agia Napa has only a few historical cultural sites. One of them is a 16th-century convent. The monastery is located right in the heart of Agia Napa, as the resort has grown around the monastery.

The monastery is a small, beautiful and sympathetic destination worth visiting. In its courtyard you can sit in the shade of large trees and enjoy a moment of silence in the heart of the lively resort. You can also visit the church.

Water Park Waterworld

Built according to Greek mythology, Waterworld is the most popular attraction in Agia Napa. One of the best water parks in Europe offers visitors viscous water slides and magnificent pools. The slides in the park are best suited for older children as well as adults, but there is also a water playground in the park for the little ones in the family. There is also a go-kart track in connection with the park.

The theme park makes it easy to spend an entire day. There are restaurants in the area where you can buy lunch during the day. It is a good idea to head to the site in the morning and bring plenty of sunscreen with a high protection factor.

Amusement park Parko Paliatso

Parko Paliatso Luna Park is located in the center of Ayia Napa on Nissi Avenue. In the area you will find various equipment such as a roller coaster, a ferris wheel, collision cars and a Viking ship. The most popular device is the Slingshot, which throws the entertainer to a height of 90 meters. You can also go karting and play various games in the park.

Parko Paliatso is also open at night.

Cape Greco Natural Park

Cape Greco Natural Park is located between the resorts of Agia Napa and Protaras. The distance from Agia Napa is about 10 kilometers, which you can walk or take a taxi if you wish.

In the area of ​​the nature park you can go on a day trip and admire the Mediterranean Sea from a vantage point. There is also the southeastern tip of Cyprus.



The best beaches in Agia Napa

  1. Nissi Beach
  2. Sandy Bay
  3. Konnos Bay
  4. Grecian Bay Beach
  5. Macronnissos

The best attractions in Agia Napa

  1. Waterworld
  2. Monastery
  3. Parko Paliatso
  4. Cape Greco
  5. Port

Agian Napa’s best with kids

  1. Waterworld
  2. Parko Paliatso
  3. Beaches

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