Annecy, France Travel Guide

Annecy: particularities and festivals

City peculiarities

Gastronomic specialty
According to areacodesexplorer, Annecy is a city located in the south-east of France. In Annecy, one of the most famous chefs in France has one of his two restaurants. The originality of Marc Veyrat’s kitchen is based on fine mountain plants that the chef collects himself. The restaurant has a spectacular location on the shore of the lake, on the edge of the mountain:

La Maison de Marc Veyrat
13, vieille route des Pensières
74290 Veyrier du Lac

Lac d’Annency
The beautiful lake, as a witness of this five thousand year old history, is today a symbol of a nature that has been rediscovered and respected. It has also become, along with the mountains, historical buildings and monuments, the most important part of the city’s tourist attraction.

The Thiou – the river that flows through Annecy – is the smallest river in France.

Celebrations and events

Festival du cinéma italien (late September-early October)
Festival of Italian Cinema

Festival du film d’animation (June)
Animation Festival

Noctibules (July)
street art festival

Biennale du cinéma espagnol d’Annecy (end of March)
Annecy hosts the Festival of Spanish Cinema every two years.

Fête du lac (first Saturday in August)
Annecy celebrates the lake every year, with music and fireworks alternating.

Annecy: People you know

Clement VII (Robert of Geneva) (1342-1394),

Eustache Chappuis (1499-1556),
cleric, diplomat under Charles V.

Francis de Sales (1567-1622),
lawyer, cleric, co-founder of the Order of Visitation

Jeanne de Chantal (1572-1641),
co-founder of the Order of Visitation

Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778),
the philosopher met Madame de Warens in Annecy.

Iwan Wassiljewitsch Obreimow (born 1894 in Annecy, died 1981 in Moscow)
Soviet physicist in the field of solid-state physics, especially low-temperature spectroscopy.

Eugène Sue (1804-1857),
the writer and journalist lived the end of his life in Annecy-le-Vieux and is buried in Loverchy.

Sadi Carnot (1837-1894),
engineer, President of the French Republic

Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924),
the musician and composer spent the summers of 1919, 1922, 1923 and 1924 in Annecy.

Louis Armand (1905-1971),
engineer, resistance fighter, first President of the Euratom European Commission

François Entremont (1908-1986),
entrepreneur, founder of the Emmental cheese company

Marcel Fournier (1914-1985),
entrepreneur, founder of Carrefour

Antoine Riboud (1918-2002),
entrepreneur, founder of Danone

Louis Lachenal (1921-1955),
mountaineer. He and Maurice Herzog were the first people to beat an 8,000ers. He fell into a crevasse in 1955 while skiing through the glacier area of ​​the Vallée Blanche near Chamonix, where he sustained fatal injuries.

Cécile Vogt (born Cécile Mugnier in Annecy in 1875, died in Cambridge in 1962)
neurologist and brain researcher with an international reputation

Annecy: Recommended excursions

Chamonix and Mont Blanc
Chamonix is ​​particularly suitable for a nice day trip. The city at the foot of Mont Blanc is known worldwide as a ski resort. The first Winter Olympics took place there in 1924. The small town surrounded by mountains (the Aiguilles Rouges in the north (nature reserve) and the Mont Blanc in the south) is worth a visit in both winter and summer. A cable car takes visitors to an altitude of over 4,000 m

The international city of Geneva is only 43 km from Annecy. In addition to the city’s numerous cultural offerings, the large Lake Geneva can of course be an attraction.

Annecy: arrival and transport

How to get to Annecy

Arrival by train
Detailed information on the train connections from Germany to Annecy can be found under this link:

Arrival by bus
An inexpensive and comfortable journey from Germany is by long-distance bus:


By plane

Aéroport Annecy Haute-Savoie Mont Blanc
8, route Côte Merle
74370 Metz-Tessy
The small airport offers connections with Paris.

Aéroport Lyon Saint Exupéry (also called Satolas)
BP 113 – 69125 Lyon Satolas Aéroport
Tel.: 72 22 72 21
It is the largest international airport in the region. It is an hour from Annecy.

Aéroport international de Genève
Case postale 100
1215 Genève 15
Tel.: +41 (0) 22 717 71 11
Geneva Airport is even closer (around 40 minutes away).

Traffic in the city

Annecy and the surrounding area are served by 24 bus routes. The buses run from Monday to Saturday between 6:00 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. Lines I, J, K and L run on Sundays and the two “Noctibus” (night buses) M and N operate from 8.30pm to 1am from Monday to Saturday.

Taxis can be called or hailed. The largest taxi station is at the main train station.

Cycling is encouraged in Annecy. The city includes 50 kilometers of bicycle lanes and numerous bicycle parking spaces. Bicycles can be rented via app, among other things.

Annecy, France Travel Guide

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