Beaverhead County, Montana Weather

According to, Beaverhead County, Montana is located in the southwestern region of the state and is part of the Big Sky Country. It covers an area of 5,534 square miles and has a population of around 9,000 people. The county was first established in 1865 and named after a rock formation on the Beaverhead River that resembled a beaver’s head. The county seat is Dillon, which is also the largest city in Beaverhead County.

The county has many attractions for visitors to enjoy such as outdoor recreation activities like camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, skiing and snowmobiling. There are also numerous historical sites such as Fort Fizzle State Park and Trail Creek Cabin which provide insight into the area’s past. Other attractions include natural hot springs at Pony Gulch Hot Springs or Wade Lake Hot Springs as well as golf courses at Clark Canyon Reservoir or Silver Rock Golf Course.

Famous people from Beaverhead County include former United States Senator John Melcher who represented Montana from 1977 to 1989; actor Tom Hanks who was born in Concord but raised in Red Bluff; former NFL player Dave Dickenson who attended high school in Dillon; journalist Ernie Pyle who wrote about his experiences during World War II; and artist Harry Pollock who lived in Wise River for many years before his death in 2000.

Climate and weather in Beaverhead County, Montana

According to, Beaverhead County, Montana is situated in the southwestern region of the state and experiences a semi-arid climate. The area has hot, dry summers and cold winters with temperatures ranging from highs of 85 F (29 C) to lows of -10 F (-23 C). The average annual temperature is around 41.5 F (5.3 C).

The total annual precipitation for Beaverhead County averages around 11 inches (279 mm), with most of it falling during the winter months. Snowfall averages around 53 inches (1,346 mm) per year and is heaviest in December and January. Thunderstorms are common during the summer months, usually occurring between May and September when temperatures are highest.

The area also experiences occasional strong winds, especially during the spring season when gusts can reach up to 50 mph (80 km/h). In addition to this, wildfires can also occur during dryer periods in the summer months.

weather patterns in Beaverhead County tend to be fairly predictable throughout the year with mild temperatures and low humidity levels making it a great place for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hunting and hiking.

Transportation in Beaverhead County, Montana

Beaverhead County, Montana offers a variety of transportation options for residents and visitors alike.

The area is served by Interstate 15, which runs through the western portion of the county and offers a direct connection to other parts of Montana as well as nearby states. The county also has an extensive network of state highways and county roads that provide access to local towns and attractions.

Public transportation in Beaverhead County is limited to Dial-A-Ride services offered by the local transit authority. This service provides door-to-door transportation for those who require it, but it is only available in certain areas.

Air travel is available at Dillon Airport, which offers flights to major cities in Montana and surrounding states. The nearest international airport is located in Missoula, approximately two hours away from Beaverhead County.

Rail service is provided by Amtrak’s Empire Builder line, which runs through nearby Helena and passes through several towns in Beaverhead County. This line connects passengers to major cities such as Seattle, Chicago, Portland and Minneapolis/St Paul.

For those looking for a more scenic journey, there are several passenger ferries that provide access to various islands along the Missouri River near Toston Dam. These ferries offer passengers a unique way to explore the area’s natural beauty while also providing access to some remote areas not accessible by car or train.

Beaverhead County offers an array of transportation options for both local residents and visitors alike; with its convenient location on Interstate 15 as well as its rail service, air travel options and passenger ferries it makes it easy for people to get around the area with ease.

Cities and towns in Beaverhead County, Montana

According to countryaah, Beaverhead County, Montana is home to several cities and towns. The county seat is Dillon, the largest city in the county with a population of just over 4,000. It is a vibrant community which offers visitors a variety of attractions including its historic downtown area, museums, galleries and shops.

The other major city in Beaverhead County is Lima, located about 18 miles south of Dillon. This small town has a population of approximately 500 and offers visitors an old-fashioned western feel with its quaint main street lined with stores and restaurants.

Other smaller towns in the county include Pony, Sheridan and Wisdom. These towns are all located in the southern part of Beaverhead County near Lima and offer visitors a more rural setting along with access to nearby parks and outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting and camping.

The rest of Beaverhead County consists mostly of rural areas with small communities scattered throughout the area. These communities are primarily agricultural-based but some offer access to local attractions such as historic sites or natural wonders like waterfalls or hot springs.

In addition to these smaller towns there are also numerous unincorporated areas throughout Beaverhead County that provide access to outdoor recreation activities such as hiking trails, fishing spots or ski resorts.

Beaverhead County offers visitors an array of cities and towns that range from bustling metropolises to charming small villages; no matter what type of experience you’re looking for you’re sure to find it here.

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