Before Leaving for South Africa

Read about passports, visas, vaccinations and the practicalities

At Tourist Travel, we have traveled and arranged trips to South Africa for many years. We therefore also have good opportunities to tailor your trip to South Africa to suit your needs. The programs for this range widely with the opportunity to experience classic safaris with accommodation around the savannah. There is also the opportunity to gain a cultural insight into South Africa’s fantastic wine production in the area around Cape Town.

Furthermore, our programs can be put together so that you get a scenic experience in the area around the Drakensberg, which provides a beautiful panoramic view of i.a. Blyde River Canyon. Look forward to starting your dream trip to the South African savannah, wine district and not least the country’s magnificent nature. On this page you can read what is worth knowing before leaving for South Africa.

Passports & Visas to South Africa

Danish citizens must have a visa when traveling to South Africa. Children must have their own passport. The visa is valid for 90 days from the date of issue. Furthermore, it is also important that you have a passport that is valid for at least 30 days after the end of the residence period. Make sure there are at least two blank pages in the passport, and be aware that extended passports are not valid. You can read more about this on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website .

Vaccinations when traveling to South Africa

According to computergees, the climate in South Africa is not as we know it in Denmark. A myriad of foreign animals and bacteria live here, and neither hygiene nor drinking water is what we are used to from home. It is therefore extremely important that you before your trip to South Africa, get examined which vaccinations you should receive on the doctor’s recommendation.

At Tourist Travel, we always recommend that you contact either your own doctor or an independent vaccination clinic, and hear more. You can, for example, use the Danish Doctors’ Vaccination Service . Through this you can contact vaccination clinics across the country.

Read more about the types of vaccinations you should have depending on your travel period when traveling to South Africa .

Currency in South Africa

The currency in South Africa is called Rand and is abbreviated ZAR. It is only allowed to bring 5,000 Rand per. person. The same rule applies when leaving South Africa. Therefore, supplement with dollars, which is also the currency that is easiest to exchange in South Africa.

1,000 rand corresponds to about 450 Danish kroner. This also means that a single rand corresponds to approximately half a kroner. If you bring 5,000 rand, it corresponds to approx. to DKK 2,300. It is also possible to withdraw money in the largest cities in South Africa.

Currency in South Africa

Languages ​​in South Africa

In South Africa, as many as 11 official languages ​​are spoken, of which English, Afrikaans and Zulu are the most common. Afrikaans is estimated to be spoken by approx. six million people, the majority of whom are from South Africa or Namibia. Nine million speak Zulu.

The language of South Africa is influenced by the colonization of the Dutch. The contact between the Dutch and the Khoikhoi people made Dutch make its mark on the Afrikaans we know today. Afrikaans is also called cape Dutch.

Time difference from South Africa to Denmark

The time difference from South Africa to Denmark is just a single hour. When you travel to South Africa, remember to set the clock forward, as South Africa is located east of Denmark.

Like many other countries in Africa, South Africa does not use summer time. If you travel to South Africa during a period when we have summer time in Denmark, you do not need to set your watch when you arrive in South Africa.

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