Belek Travel Guide

Belek was created for vacationers. The sunny resort pampers a wide range of tourists. Belek is a completely designed holiday destination in Turkey for tourists. Here you can focus on the essential, ie easy holiday.


A form oasis for tourists

Situated on the shores of the Mediterranean, Belek has everything a beach holidaymaker could want: sun, good hotels and activities. In addition to its sunny summer climate, Belek is especially known as a golfer’s oasis.

Belek is located on the south coast of Turkey, between the Mediterranean and the Taurus Mountains, about 40 km from Antalya and 100 km from Alanya.

The green form oasis is designed for travelers – quite literally. There is little local settlement in Belek, but the resort is largely built of hotel areas. This is reflected, for example, in the high standard of the Belek hotels and the abundance of services.

Belek is a holiday destination for anyone dreaming of an easy beach holiday. Families with children, for example, will enjoy the destination. Belek is also a very good destination for golfers, as there are many high-quality golf courses in the vicinity of the holiday town, which are also suitable for the most demanding enthusiasts of the sport.

Warm climate throughout the year

In Belek, there is enough heat all year round, but outside the summer season, especially the nights are cold and the weather is unstable.

The most popular travel time is the summer season from May to October, as Belek is one of the sunniest resorts in the summer. The hottest in Belek is in July-August, when daytime temperatures almost certainly hover above 30 degrees and up to 40 degrees.

Warm climate throughout the year

A sunny oasis for golfers

Belek, like other coastal destinations in Turkey, is especially known as a beach resort with its sandy beaches and clean and clear waters. Thanks to the wonderful summer climate in particular, beach holidaymakers have cat days in Belek, although the beaches themselves are overshadowed by the beaches of Alanya, for example.

In addition to lounging in the sun and making sandwiches, there are other activities on the beaches and in the surrounding area of Belek. For example, water skiing and windsurfing are popular with holidaymakers.

Leaving the beach for Belek’s number one hobby, there’s no ambiguity: Belek is definitely one of the best golf destinations in Turkey. There are as many as 16 good quality golf courses in and around the resort town.

Shopping trips to Antalya and Side

For shoppers, Belek offers quite a few shopping opportunities, and the best shopping places can be found elsewhere in Turkey. There are mostly souvenir shops in the center of Belek, but the weekly market is well worth a visit. Belek is also slightly more expensive than many other Turkish resorts.

Shoppers should head from Belek to Antalya, for example, or to Side, about 40 km away. Both Antalya and Sidek are known for their good and affordable shopping opportunities.



Flights and trips from Finland

There are good flight connections to Turkey from Finland, especially in summer. Belek is a popular package holiday destination and there are also regular low-cost last-minute departures available on a regular basis.

Belek’s nearest airport is Antalya Bayindir International Airport in Antalya. The journey from the airport to the resort takes just over half an hour.

Prices for trips to Belek vary greatly depending on the time of travel and the hotel. Prices range from 200 to 600 euros.

High quality hotel offer

The hotels in Belek are of high quality and five star luxury hotels are not uncommon. Belek Hotels are located in well-maintained hotel areas close to the beaches.

There are many family-friendly hotels in the area, with all the services a traveler needs. For example, there are many all-inclusive options available.

Mobility and motoring culture

In Belek’s hotel areas, it’s easy to get around on foot, but you should stay attentive in traffic; The car culture in Turkey differs greatly from the Finnish one, and traffic can sometimes seem even chaotic.

In the urban area and in the vicinity of Belek, it is easy and inexpensive to travel on dolmus buses, which cost less than a euro. By bus, a trip from Belek to Antalya, for example, costs about four euros. Several tour operators make day trips to nearby cities.

There are also many taxis available in Belek, with fixed price lists for various coastal destinations. The price of taxi trips outside the price list should be agreed in advance.




The village of Kadriye is located about 6 km from Belek. Kadriye is easily reached by bus and the trip costs a couple of euros.

A market is held on Tuesdays in the small village of Kadriye. The market sells food, textiles and souvenirs. Spices sold on the market in particular are great for taking home.


The ancient city of Aspendos is known for its Roman theater, built in the second century AD and later restored. The Aspendos Amphitheater is one of the best preserved in the world.

In addition, the city hosts an annual opera and ballet festival in June-July. Aspendos is less than half an hour from Belek.

Troy Aqua Park and Dolphinarium

Troy Aqua Park is Belek’s largest water park with a dolphinarium that hosts shows. An entrance ticket to Troy Water Park costs around € 20 per adult and € 10 per child. Dolphinarium entrance tickets must be purchased separately.

The dolphinarium also has the opportunity to swim with dolphins.



The best golf courses in Belek

  1. Lykia Links
  2. Antalya Golf Club
  3. Gloria
  4. Montgomerie Golf Course
  5. National Golf Club

Belek pros

  1. Great golf courses
  2. Luxury hotels
  3. Good hiking opportunities

The disadvantages of Belek

  1. The resort itself has few cultural attractions
  2. Few shopping opportunities
  3. More expensive than many other Turkish resorts

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