Casual Looks to Raze You in Any Situation

Knowing compose casual looks is essential for any woman, since they are present in various situations of day-to-day. Whether for an informal meeting with the closest friends, a trip to the mall or market, a visit to the parents or a stroll through the neighborhood, the casual looks are practical and, therefore, loved by women of all ages and all tastes.

Nowadays, convenience is the watchword, especially with the routine as running the modern woman. However, a practical woman can not miss the style, elegance and comfort. Therefore, we separated some tips to help you create  casual looks that promise to raze in any situation.

Casual Looks

White clothes are great pieces wild-card.

Since the world is world, white is synonymous with elegance and sophistication. In casual looks, white clothes can be excellent pieces wild-card, as well as being easy to combine, add a lot of style and create plenty of different super visual.

You are wrong who think that white is for women only more skinny. Several consultants fashion claim that the color looks good for the most chubby too, just take care in time to find the right piece and be attentive to what best matches each body. A good tip is to bet on parts that do not have very straight cut and having neckline V.

Another advantage of the white clothes is that they are neutral and can match with different styles, you can create casual looks for both day and into the night.

Abuse Accessories

A great way to supplement casual looks is betting on accessories. If the clothes are very simple, the accessories can bring shades of life to look.

Hats, sunglasses, scarves, bags, belts, bracelets, necklaces and earrings make a huge difference when composing casual looks. Sure, you should focus on accessories when you are interested in adopting this fun and practical style of dress.

When using an accessory relatively simple, you may end up creating fashion and see your favorite blogger talking about the new trend! Remember, casual looks will always be high.

It is worth remembering that it is always necessary to take care if using clothes very much stamped or colored, since in these cases is more difficult to find accessories that match. Exaggerating the amount ofaccessories can also ruin the look. Keep in mind that discretion is always welcome.

Invest in Neutral Parts

Have basic pieces that can be mixed and matched, used in layers and complemented with accessories is a key tip for those who want to invest in casual looks.

A white dress, one skinny jeans a beige sweater, one black belt and shoes in pastel shades can be used with just about anything.

The next time you go shopping, remember: the more neutral pieces you have in your closet, more casual looks you get compose because you will be able to combine them in various ways and thus make them extremely versatile.

Complement the look with gowns and kimonos

Very welcome in the summer and mid-season, the gowns and kimonos help to complement the casual looks with an impressive ease and charm.

You can bet on a more just pants and a light blouse. Finally, just complement the look with gowns andkimonos: they give an extra charm and help lengthen the silhouette.

If you are short, worth a tip: try to use the pants and halter top to bottom in the same color – there is one more advantage of the neutral clothing. This will avoid divisions in silhouette, making you look even taller.

Jeans, tank tops and shorts are indispensable

When the occasion calls for simplicity, jeans, tank tops and shorts are indispensable! Do not forget to always check your closet and make sure you have at least 3 of each piece.

Bet on layers and think the full visual.

Instead of focusing on individual pieces to create your casual looks, go beyond. Think of all. Bet on layers.

A race is just a race and a legging is just a legging, but if you use these two parts and complementary with a blazer fashion a maxi wallet, a handkerchief and a creative necklace, you will have a cool and stylish look at the same time.

With these tips, we are sure you will be able to create casual looks beautiful and awesome!