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Best travel time for Wallis and Futuna
As with almost all other countries in the tropics, Wallis and Futuna also say that tourists are best to visit the islands during the dry season. From May to October you are not only spared from tropical cyclones and heavy rains, but also from excessive heat and uncomfortable humidity.

Instead, these weather phenomena dominate the other half of the year. Therefore, travelers should better refrain from traveling to Wallis and Futuna between November and April. After all, you want to be able to really enjoy your vacation time.

Wallis and Futuna – Traveling in the Country
Ship: Transfers to the individual islands of the state are subject to the respective tides. If you want to translate from Alofi to Futuna, you should contact the local fishermen.

Car: There is no public transport on the islands of Wallis and Futuna. If you want to get around the islands, you have to rent a vehicle.

On Futuna you will find rental vehicles on the Sucha, especially from private individuals.

The rental of cars and motorcycles is more professional in Valais. If you want to rent, you need a valid driver’s license and should inquire about the insurance modalities. These vary depending on the provider. Motorcycles, scooters or bicycles are not rented.

Traffic on the right is on the right in Wallis and Futuna. There are no special road traffic rules to be observed. For more information about the continent of Oceania, please check

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