COS for the Winter 2013 – Exciting Silhouettes and Slit Pants

Once again we would like to make a teeny-tiny exception and take a brisk look on the coming winter 2013 – specifically, we squint us on that, what the most favorite H & M served protege COS for the frosty days. How could we denied also the result, which will meet us everywhere from the autumn with a fairly high probability. Because once throw to develop their machines the high street chain, then we can assume with a pretty high probability that that is also dutifully followed on the streets and implemented or not?

Faith we on what presents COS we already for the winter, then the whole thing in about looks: the voluminous silhouette distant sweater are combined to form the feminine slit pants, leather allover looks belong in the well-stocked wardrobe and the pail mantle captured the road. Well, ready?

The Premiumbrand anyway, remains faithful, without completely old paths set to trample to –“it’s all about the detail” seems to be the motto of this purist labels and shakes in the same breath characterful pieces from the sleeve that somewhere sort between Balenciaga and acne have.

Calm and yet so great: who doesn’t like COS, which is again not fall in love. Who however belongs to the loyal followers, who already know why you can set offshoot simply always to the H & M.

And who can befriend so not at all even with the winter, we recommend the COS reply for the summer – all looks are here.