David Beckham: Natural Beauty or Commercial Product?

Equally chameleonlike and desired that his wife, this “advertising Star” creates trend where it goes. If a few years ago saw bright earrings for men the most freak that existed, he imposed them in men’s fashion and transported them to the ears of the more daring. Haircuts imitated to satiety, daring costumes and a physical attraction that has modified the recent men’s fashion in what we know today.

But we go beyond. Is David Beckham operated?, result, obviously an advertising strategy to make it what it is; or on the other hand, is a guy with a natural beauty out of the ordinary?. A question with a difficult response that makes us ask many things. Did Miss Beckam which managed to exploit her husband to make more of a model than a footballer?

What of clear is that this guy is not the same that was 5 years ago. When promised with victory was a man with the brown hair wearing boots of sole of rubber, wide jeans and jersey cowl neck & trenca. And, honestly, or fashion has evolved a lot over the years to see this man just as attractive in that photo as now, or permanently, there are cosmetic surgery of by means.

I am sure that after seeing this infernal look, which showed us his love to the world, those we already see everyone a little different to as now. Do not you think? It, obviously. But, and it? I believe that there is a important reduction of the maxilla and that some small touch-up facial and nasal. Also influences much hair, which at that time was horrible, but it has nothing to do the Beckham of the upper of the two lower images image.

These two photos, both at the top and at the bottom, we can already say, that is the Beckham we know today. Sophisticated, elegant, chic, a little transgressive and with an air of “british” that positions it as one of the most handsome men on the planet. Always perfect, combined with his wife and the “simpler” life that we can imagine. The bottom picture belongs to an “intimate” holiday that were passed to the French Riviera with colourful boat his friend, Roberto Cavalli. And we renting scooters on the beach. That Yes, always with slide!

Finally, one of the images that I like most about marriage. It, which seems to wax and fixed up to the eyebrows in a green anything flattering to that color of hair. He, on the other hand, with jeans, shirt, jersey Strawberry and grey shirt with tie in an indescribable color. A combination that we, the rest of us, never us would mind, but to see it to, we love.

The reality is that it will never happen, but someday if billionaire you would hire without thinking to barbers, surgeons, dieticians, stylists, stylists… they have Beckham, because they have gotten nothing the best commercial products of the 20th century.