Difference Between Synthetic Leather and Eco-Leather

If you are in favor of not using animal skins for whatever it is, you should avoid wearing also the pieces made of leather. After all the leather comes from the skin of bovine animals like the ox and the cow and they also deserve their respect. From this thought the fashion industry started to give two options: ecological or synthetic leather.

Difference Between Synthetic Leather and Eco-Leather

It can be difficult to know which is the best and which lasts the longest. But there are very practical ways of preserving your purchase for a long time as if it were a material made from animal leather. But first, you need to know what it is and how each of these raw materials is made and so choose the best one for you.

Synthetic leather

By the termination of the term it is already possible to know that it is manufactured completely within an industry from materials synthesized in the laboratory. In this type of fabric 70% polyvinyl chloride, 25 polyester and only 5% polyurethane are used. As you can see, in its preparation there are petroleum derivatives and this makes a lot of people do not use this type of material. It is precisely the latter that gives the look in the texture that fills our eyes making us buy the product.

Another factor that reduces the purchase of handbags, shoes and jackets of this material is its short duration. But, since it is not made of paper, it does not last that long. It is not advisable to leave it in humid or long-term storage. The fabric can begin to crumble and then your favorite jacket goes flying.

Another thing, always think that it is a material that does not take much from day to day anyway. For example, a synthetic leather pouch should not be filled with heavy objects if it is not easier for the fabric to “sag.” A jacket of this type of material should never be placed in the washing machine. Having a little common sense, your purchase can last a long time.

Eco-friendly leather

A lot of people, if not most, should think that eco-leather does not take animal leather because it is a mistake. It uses animal hide anyway, the difference is at the time of tanning the fabric, which does not carry heavy materials and so does not harm the environment by eliminating pollutants in the wild.