Discovered Use Unused – The Label From Hungary In The Baerck Store Berlin

If a store is to the small adventure and continually surprise has left for us, then he blossomed fix to our favorite. If thereof German designers, still always on the lookout for new pearls and Interior creations and product design, accessories and fashion connects, sits the Crown long finely placed on our personal fashion Mecca. There is talk of whom here? -From the Baerck store on the Mulackstraße, of course. A good amount encounter a beautiful store, wearing just a tiny little hooks with passion and unbridled drive pretty much good mood: his price list.

Slide we this stupid minor aside however, there’s of is just beautiful for eyes – and a brand of which we heard so far nothing: USE unused – the long established label from Hungary – is now available in the Baerck store Berlin.

Are always on the lookout for new pearls the owners from the Baerck store – and if the rest of Berlin just moved to Scandinavia, the pretty store simply changes his order list and is again one step ahead the other shops. Unused they meet anyway, just our taste with USE – as will be seen in the Lookbook may not at first glance, need for a closer look.

Handbestickte patterns, architectural silhouettes, from gekluengelte designs and a pretty big portion of Girlishness – USE unused everything right: colors, cuts, and the fresh wind from Hungary. Only the styling of the Lookbook is not exactly our taste – but luckily convinced the look in the Baerck store so much that it will also no longer bother us.

Who immediately fell, we recommend the aisle in the store and a gefüllteres purse. The prices range between 150 and 400 euros. There ’ s but also what forever.

The blue pants, the perforated bag and the embroidered clothes are on our wish list anyway. Hach.

[here you can find by the way so many pretty pieces in the sale of Baerck – my Carin Wester pants was there (waiting for even more choices In the store itself) gets on the weekend of the sale]

USE unused was founded by the way 2004 by Eszter Fuzes, Attila Godena-Juhasz and Andras Toth and belongs to one of the most successful Hungarian labels, according to its own figures. Just four years later the three entered American market and Asia the US – we are pretty sure that we will hear very soon very much more from the trio in Germany.