Exclusive Collection Lacoste-United Arrows

It appears that this week is the week of the limited editions. Although recently we told you about the new exclusive collection from Dior sunglasses for summer, it is now the turn to Lacoste, together with the brand United Arrows It has decided to bring to market an exclusive collection of poles made hand in hand in that Lacoste lends the famous crocodile logo, but that itself, in its silver, while in the design of the pole we can see more influence of United than than usual to Lacoste.

This can seen in design, since this time the Poles are rather more tailored than usual. The drawbacks that I see in this new collection? Because on the one hand that bad thing that these brands are associated with each other to give rise to exclusive collections is that prices soar when in truth, is not a product that has such high fees (the Poles are selling between) 100 and 150 euros each, Depending on the distribution).

And on the other hand, the collection features only poles in a very poor color variety and also little chord with new trends: we can only buy them in Grey, dark blue, dark green and white, colors that are quite off; that Yes, problems combined with other garments none and class and elegance not can remove them to the Poles as they have it. With the streak at the end of the sleeves and a more careful design, well could resemble the poles of Fred Perry.

For now we can purchase them in United Arrows (Japanese, everything to be said) in the official store as in the on-line, but in brief, coinciding with the summer, intended to bring them to Spain to sell them, that Yes, in the official Lacoste stores. A luxury within reach of who wants to pay for it.