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Spain and its glorious archipelagos, have since the beginning of the charter been high on the list of attractive destinations, both for Swedes and other nationalities. In fact, it is also a country where Swedes like to buy a house or apartment to have somewhere to go to in the summer when the weather deceives one at home.

Both the Spanish mainland and its surrounding islands have much to offer tourists, whether it is sunbathing, golf or culture. Spain has both large, charming cities full of shopping opportunities and historical monuments, small picturesque villages in the interior where time moves slowly and a number of islands in the Mediterranean and Atlantic that are crowded with tourists. Together with the Spaniards’ zest for life and partying through the nights, Spain will be the ultimate holiday destination for those who want to get new energy and inspiration.

The Spanish climate

According to Aristmarketing, the climate in Spain is very varied. In the south it is sun and drought that counts and in the north greenery and lushness with orange trees and fig trees. Inland, it can be both very hot but also cold during the winter months. The temperature in Madrid can drop as low as 2 degrees in January and February.

Spanish islands

There are several islands that Spain has taken possession of and which have now become known for their culture, nightlife and diversity. Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera belong to the Balearic Islands, where Palma de Mallorca has been designated as the capital of the whole region. There you can taste both rich history and the wonderful Spanish food. This region is autonomous but belongs to Spain.
Then, of course, you have the tourist-dense Canary Islands, located off the northwest coast of Africa, out in the Atlantic. Here are also Tenerife and Lanzarote as well as some other islands that offer beautiful nature. On all these islands there are inviting golf courses and chalk white beaches and when evening comes, it is lively worse. Ibiza is considered the number 1 dance island and in Mallorca it is difficult to get a golf time, it is so popular.

The Spanish mainland

In Spain, there are not just one or two places that you should have visited at least once in your lifetime, but at least a dozen. Barcelona in Catalonia with its famous Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell, Madrid with the Royal Palace and the headquarters of politics, Malaga which is the focal point and capital of the Sun Coast with its tapas and rhythmic flamenco and the whole Gold Coast’s golden grain that wallows in luxury and flair. Of course, one must not forget Seville and Cordoba, both of which are located in romantic Andalusia. And if you are looking for a mountainous environment, head to the lush Pyrenees in the north or the solemn Sierra Nevada in the south where the monkeys climb and the vegetation consists of cacti and sugar cane. Feel free to take a trip to the British region of Gibraltar as well to explore the coast of Morocco.

Get around Spain

Bus, plane, train or car. Whatever you choose, the networks work well in most cities. If you rent a car, however, you should keep in mind that some car rental companies charge an extra fee at the end to refuel the car. Therefore, you must be very careful when reading the contract at the time of picking up the car. Madrid has a well-functioning metro but the best way to see Spanish cities from the inside is on foot.

Go to sweet Spain

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