Hawaiian Shirts, The Outsider of The Summer

Get good weather, the absence of clothes, change habits in dress and as a result, become the Hawaiian shirts. Never fails, every year around this time and hear about them in some shops timidly being pulled from his secret store units that will be sold to a purchaser to faithful and loving this style.

It is one timeless fashion such as the Fanny Pack and white socks. Knows no limits, stratification, or ages, even unknown to the most appropriate places to wear them. Hawaiian fashion and shirts with flowers at the good time are what a good cold beer from a liter to a good day at the beach: essential.

Or if not, what would become of the bar of a shift that does not have its representative in the bar spread to the four winds that he is very proud to carry them? What would playero supermarket (and indoor) on a muggy day without seeing between the halls to someone with them? Rather no.

This trend a few years ago flooded all the sectors and all the shops, I remember that it was for the 2005, year above, year down, and until more conservative friends were made with one. That year was mythical, when you were going to Pull & Bear and suddenly saw the shelves with all the models of the world which more shrill and bizarre and yet, people bought them and wore them with pride.

Always I have admired the people who can wear a shirt so “ unique ” and not embarrassed. For me they are complete outsiders from the world of fashion, nobody teaches them how to dress or what takes. His style transcends barriers. And if if it is combined with a Bermuda shorts khaki, with beach sandals with white socks and hat to match the shirt, the look is perfect, worthy of praise.

Another question that I always has corroded to see them dress down the street is the number of possible models that are)Tom Selleck It shows him in these images, drawn from the Magnum P.I. series). What will it be like a wardrobe of someone addicted to hawainas shirts? Mysteries of the psyche as Astrud.

When we see someone with a Hawaiian shirt in turn chiringo or anywhere, we think nothing wrong, rather support him because he has courage and is well comfortable, to their air. I at least do so, they are the outsiders of the summer.