Help: Old Spice up Outfit or Invest in New Parts?

It is so far. While I’m away from a wedding in about light years, the first girlfriends actually dare to the altar. I’m sweating already with excitement and joy, I so wonder how I myself just to survive that. Probably not – Hi fainting.

This however is a pretty big step of a pretty loyal girlfriend from home, so Sarah and I must give us of course much trouble and are excited as the bride to be, but simply genocide proud, and Moreover we want perfect guests to shine, the reel already after the first sparkling wine or plunge into the cake , is clear. And because the love Miss nature wishes a dyed in the wool spring marriage also the outfit must reasonably take care – where we would be reached even when the problem.

There is something like something I have in mind:
the perfect Blazer-shorts Ensemble together with stunning shoes. The problem is: money I don’t have so much as the one shown above comes from acne and acne like is well known that high prices. For an alternative COS and co I look already, so far but unfortunately without success, because either lacking the pants, or just the jacket. Anyway I let don’t dissuade me from a low-cost alternative. The problem: The shoes of my desire come from Kenzo and 300 euros. I wonder of course, whether it’s really worth, because even if I reach for to a cheaper alternate outfit is adds the total price. Or you shouldn’t ever what jump for a wedding outfit?
Option number 2:

Favorite parts remain favorite parts, that is at least with me. I know exactly how I stalked and with my savings earned the flowers Ensemble by Carin Wester at that time in the store. Somehow I think, getting time for a grand entrance, finally camped the good piece in my closet now more than a year and certainly missed the Sun.
My girl girl Bill applies of course here: if I must spend now so nothing more for the outfit itself, then yes 300 euros for shoes may be in there? So 300 euro more or less, for a complete wedding outfit, isn’t it so perfectly in order, if you are earning his own money,?

And now the last question: I should spend really ass much money for high heel shoes for the first time in my life – for what color suit should I decide then to everything in the world?