Holidays in Finland

Finland is an amazing northern country with a developed infrastructure, ideal for both winter and summer holidays, especially in nature. Holidays in Finland can be very interesting and varied.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Proximity to the European part of Russia, if you wish, you can go for a weekend
  • A lot of opportunities for children’s recreation, especially in winter
  • Very well developed tourist infrastructure
  • Great outdoor recreation, both active and relaxing
  • The cities are clean
  • Many speak English well, it is easy to find a common language with the locals. And at the border they even speak Russian
  • Curious monuments and excursions


  • Visa required
  • Fairly harsh climate
  • In winter, it is dark almost all day
  • No good beach holiday
  • Alcohol is very expensive, and in general the prices are high
  • Lots of Russian tourists


According to, the climate in the country is temperate, moving from continental to maritime. Although Finland is located in the north, thanks to the Atlantic Ocean, it is much warmer in it. Frequent cyclones, many cloudy days a year. Summers are cool, winters are also not too warm, especially in the north, closer to the Arctic Circle. In winter there is a lot of snow.


To make your holiday in Finland memorable for a long time, you should definitely bring a memorable souvenir from here:

Visa and customs

Finland is part of the Schengen area and requires a visa to enter. It is issued quite quickly, usually without problems.

Customs rules are standard – the import of cigarettes and alcohol is limited, large amounts of currency must be declared. It is forbidden to import drugs, dangerous substances, weapons and explosives without a permit, products with meat and milk. Items of artistic or historical value cannot be exported without special permission.


It is very difficult to find negative reviews about holidays in Finland – everyone likes the local nature, sights and opportunities for active pastime. It is pleasant to have a rest with the whole family with children – there are many interesting entertainments, the rest is remembered for a long time. Especially tourists are struck by the cleanliness of the streets and the developed tourist infrastructure. Even the local climate suits – in winter it is not as cold here as in Siberia or the Far East, and in summer it is pleasantly cool.

The main negative point is the high prices for accommodation, food and museums – because of this, you won’t have a rest in the country for a long time. Men do not like that alcohol is expensive, especially strong alcohol. Some do not like that it is constantly dark in winter. Otherwise, there are no negative points, and, judging by the reviews, almost anyone will like the rest here.



How to choose a hotel?


For recreation, Finland offers many luxury hotels and hotels. There is no official star rating here – a travel company puts a rating on the sites. Basically, there are no hotels below 3 * + – everywhere is clean, comfortable, in accordance with European quality standards. Many have saunas, swimming pools and jacuzzis, and wellness treatments are offered. Almost everywhere everything is equipped so that it is comfortable to relax with children. There are many spa hotels and cottages, especially in the ski resorts. Cottages are good places to stay if you plan to go fishing.


What to do in case of emergency?


Finland is one of the safest countries, emergency situations happen very rarely here. If something happens, you can call the single number 112. There is also a help desk for tourists at + (358-9) 310-133-00, there are Russian operators. In case of travel problems, call the Russian Embassy at +(358-9) 66-18-76.


When is the best time to go to Finland?


If you have chosen Finland for your vacation, then you probably want to go here in winter to go skiing. It’s also good to relax here from May to September – it’s warm, it’s nice to see the sights and fish, as well as attend numerous festivals. But from April to May, from October to November, it is better to refrain from traveling – at this time it is not only cold, but also damp. At the end of winter, the days get longer and the sun comes out. At this best time for skiing, there are a lot of tourists and locals in the resorts. For shopping, it is best to come after Christmas or at the end of June, during sales. And, of course, Christmas and New Year will be a great time to relax, although the prices for holidays at this time jump almost to the skies.


What are the rules for fishing in Finland?


This country is ideal for fishing in natural conditions. You can stay in a small cottage on the lake and spend your entire vacation in a pleasant, calm atmosphere. Good fishing in both winter and summer. Fishing on the ice with a lure and a rod without a reel is possible just like that, but if you have a spinning rod, you will need a state license and a local regional license. They are sold in special kiosks and banks throughout the country.


How are things with cellular communications?


Cellular communication in the country is not cheap, but it will still cost less than the roaming of Russian operators. It is best to purchase SIM cards from DNA, Elisa and Sonera companies – they will allow you to be in touch throughout the country and not spend a lot of money on incoming and outgoing calls. Basically, prepaid SIM cards are sold, for about $ 10. Separately, you need to connect the Internet, but you may not need it – restaurants and hotels always have Wi-Fi, usually free for guests.

Holidays in Finland

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