Inditex Achieves a Profit of 843 Million Euros, Exceeding 2007

The crisis does not go with some brands. H & M It continues with its planning to open a large number of shops in 2009, El Corte Ingles, Despite lower revenues, for the first time following big numbers, billing and Inditex, the Lighthouse is regarded where great part of the textile industry, launches its economic data until September and they are exactly higher profits than in 2007, 2% more.

Many of the firms are trembling for scarce sales experiencing this season, they are anticipating the sales like never before, and putting a few discounts that rarely seen. There are many stock without selling, one goes shopping and still seeing widespread availability of sizes, models and without variation, something that was not normal in other years.

Inditex seems immune to the crisis since it has encrypted their benefits nothing less than in 843 million euros What we year until September. Sales have surpassed the 7.353 million euros, 11% more. Continuing with more data from the group, we see that they opened 456 stores in this period, 45 more than at the same time in 2007. Already have with 4.147 establishments in 71 different countries.

If wasn’t enough, the Galician group created 7.171 new jobs, already having 86,688 employees on its staff. And it also highlights its growth in Russia, where it doubled the number of stores. All these data give us an idea of how big that is becoming Inditex, located as a large multinational. Crisis? Who said crisis?