Information about Tobago

Tobago is the epitome of the Caribbean with beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and delicious atmosphere. In Trinidad you can experience turtles laying eggs and dancing at the world’s most delicious and spectacular carnival.

On this page you will find practical information and facts about Tobago.


Climate and best travel time The
islands have a tropical climate with approximately the same temperature all year round. February to May are the driest months, June to August the rainiest. Trinidad and Tobago is outside the hurricane belt and is therefore rarely affected by the violent storms that rage further north during the period July-November.

Our recommendations for the best travel time on the islands are based on how the climate has been in previous years. The weather in the area can be very changeable and unpredictable and therefore our tips are for guidance only.

In most countries, tips are counted as part of the salary of employees in the service industry. Therefore, it is good (and sometimes directly necessary) to give tips to, for example, cleaning staff, waiters, guides, drivers and more depending on which country you visit. We therefore recommend that you familiarize yourself with how much is normal to give in tips and to whom before departure. Such information can be found, for example, in Lonely Planet guidebooks. Visit for central America business.








Start your trip in the Caribbean on Tobago – the country in no hurry! You can not help but love a place where the biggest event of the year is a goat race and where Sunday School means party on a Sunday night?

Tobago is rarely beautiful with world-famous beaches such as Pigeon Point with its chalk-white beaches, crystal clear waters and delicious atmosphere. Here you bathe, sunbathe but you also have a family party in the large bathing cabins that are along the beach, you can not bear to be in the sun all the time. You bring a cooler bag, beer, lunch bag and sunbeds here. The children bathe & play, dad sleeps and mom & grandma chat about life….

Outside is Buccoo Reef – a large coral reef surrounded by sandbanks and emerald green water called Nylon Pool – well worth a day trip!

To the north, nature is more tropical with rainforest, extremely hilly with steep cliffs and high mountains, everywhere small pristine beaches appear and everywhere you can stop at small restaurants and eat grilled fish with hot sauce. There is no point in asking for the recipe because it is secret and each family has their own special recipe.

Is not it time to go away and do nothing – go liming!

Excursions on Tobago
Englishmans Bay – A pristine bounty beach gem. Car is needed to get here. There are almost no buildings here and the experience is pure Robinson Crusoe.

Pirates Bay in Charlotteville – Charlotteville is a sleepy little town on the northernmost tip of Tobago where everyday life goes smoothly. To get to Pirates Bay, walk along the city beach as far as you can until a steep gravel road goes up to the left. Follow the road for about a km and keep an eye on a steep staircase down to the left – at the end of it is a fantastically beautiful beach without too many tourists.

Main Ridge Forest – great hiking opportunities

Argyle waterfall – a guided tour is recommended here – remember swimwear so you can cool off in the waterfall.

Pigeon Point – the island’s white sandy beach (the sand is imported). The beach is a pay beach with changing rooms, restaurants and an impressive view of the reef outside. From here there are boat trips to Bucoo Reef and Nylon Pool.

Arnos Vale Bay – here’s the island’s best snorkeling.

Information about Tobago

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