Is Carine Roitfeld The Replacement of Anna Wintour of Vogue USA Front?

The curse of the Devil Wears Prada seems that it complies. While there have always been rumors of rivalry between the most powerful editors of the Condé Nast Empire, rumors that on the other hand, the protagonists have always committed is dispel appearing together and smiling in public events and professing admiration mutual in all their statements, never believed that fiction, would come true.

The case is that it is already time that circulates a runrún stating that Anna Wintour is removed from his throne (as already told us Montag at the time) because accounts, with her to the front, and do not go: After the precipitous fall in Men ’ s Vogue, weak advertising revenues and pay exorbitant that cobra ($ 2 million), the losses are becoming more pronounced. And the crisis, does not forgive. Not to mention slight change of address online publishing.

But, Carine Roitfeld as a substitute? I very much doubt it.

Although they say that if Newhouse (Samuel Irving Newhouse, owner, Lord of Advance Publications group to which it belongs among others, the giant Condé Nast) It would have already met with Roitfeld to close the deal (begin at in January 2009), the daughter of Carine and himself, they have rushed to deny it, According to New York Magazine.

To my personally it seems a rather unlikely choice and I don’t think it will occur. Carine lived through moments of glory in front of Vogue Paris (which by the way is the only issue that bears the name of the city, and not the country), has made him its stronghold, and a reference very personal but at the same time fully representative: his hand and his tone in Vogue USA, would not have any sense.