Karl Lagerfeld Is Celebrating the Hurenchic

If Chanel asks to the parade, no cost and effort be spared. For the “métiers d’art”, this year’s show was half of Paris in a film studio in Rome built up, including wicked nightlife.

Fashion does not need a respite – workhorse Karl Lagerfeld might after a strenuous year however. Instead of how many of his colleagues already in the Christmas holiday the pen to dangle, Karl presented collection for Chanel – in Rome, in Paris on Monday its “métiers d’art”.

For the fashion house left building after a nocturnal Paris quarter in the historic Cinecitta film studios. Construction period: Six weeks. Rome was Yes finally also not built in a day.

Among the 800 guests joined stars such as Kristen Stewart (25), Rooney Mara (30), Geraldine Chaplin (71) and the Italian fashion prominence.

The fashion…

… a tribute to the 1960s and then French Leinwandheldinnen such as Romy Schneider and Anouk Aimee, who at the time, equipped in Chanel, in Italian films played.

Paris in the 60s – that means student rebellion, sexual revolution, fast love. According to wicked and revealing also the designs of cartridge Karl: lots of leather, lot Polish, much transparent tip, much cleavage. The British “Telegraph” aptly called the collection “Walk of shame – the Schandweg”.

But Chanel would not Chanel without a whole range of great Tweed ensembles and a sea of flowers, embroidery and feathers, which were of course to see it. Sure, eventually collection is the “metiers d’art” the fashionable craft and celebrate its artisans.

The classic Tweed costume be missing in any collection of Chanel and Lagerfeld is reinterpreted by Maestro always

The “metier d’art’ show of Chanel celebrates the traditional fashion craft. Sure, that elaborate embroidery and appliqué are shown in the collection

We remember: last year landed Chanel Tan with his “Métiers d’art” show in Salzburg, celebrated the traditional look and transformed into a luxury Sissi Cara Delevingne. Somehow we found it funny. But considering the attacks of Paris less than three weeks ago celebrating the French joie de vivre and French fashion is sure the more appropriate message.

Maestro Karl Lagerfeld (l.) with its fabulous boys: Muse Baptiste Giabiconi (26, M.) and Hudson Bundchen (7).