Kent County, Delaware Weather

According to, Kent County, Delaware is a small county located in the Central Delaware region of the state. It is bordered by New Castle County to the north, Sussex County to the south, and Cecil County, Maryland to the east. The county seat is Dover, which is also the state capital. Kent County has an estimated population of 160,000 people and covers an area of 945 square miles.

The history of Kent County dates back to 1680 when it was established as part of New Netherland (later known as Delaware). The county was named after Kent in England and was one of the original three counties that made up colonial Delaware. During this time period, Kent County was largely rural and agricultural with a few small towns such as Dover and Smyrna serving as its major settlements.

Today, Kent County is home to many attractions that draw visitors from all over. Dover International Speedway hosts two NASCAR races each year while historic downtown Dover offers plenty of shops and restaurants for visitors to explore. Other popular attractions include Killens Pond State Park, Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, and Air Mobility Command Museum at Dover Air Force Base.

Kent County also boasts a number of notable people who have made their mark on history including former Vice President Joe Biden who served from 2009-2017; Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg; former Secretary of State Colin Powell; inventor Thomas Edison; former US Senator Ted Kaufman; civil rights activist Harvey Milk; actor Bill Cosby; astronaut Mark Kelly; musician George Thorogood; singer-songwriter Halsey; actor Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings); Nobel Prize winner Stanley Cohen; professional golfer Frank Stranahan; politician Shirley Chisholm; author Margaret Atwood; professional baseball player Ryan Howard; television personality Ellen DeGeneres; former President Barack Obama; and singer Lady Gaga.

All in all, Kent County offers a unique blend of history, culture, attractions, and famous people that make it an ideal destination for any type of traveler. Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities or cultural experiences – Kent County has something for everyone.

Climate and weather in Kent County, Delaware

According to, the climate of Kent County, Delaware is humid subtropical, with hot, humid summers and mild winters. The county experiences four distinct seasons with average temperatures ranging from the upper 30s to near 90 degrees Fahrenheit. In the summer months, highs can reach into the mid-90s with occasional heat waves. The humidity levels are high in the summer months, making it feel even hotter than it actually is.

In the winter months, temperatures average in the low 40s and can drop into single digits during cold snaps. Snowfall is common throughout the winter season and can range from a few inches to several feet depending on the severity of winter storms. Ice storms are also possible during this time of year and can cause power outages as well as hazardous driving conditions.

Springtime brings warmer temperatures with highs in the upper 50s to lower 70s along with frequent rainfall. Severe thunderstorms are also common during this season due to warm air masses colliding with cooler ones from Canada and New England. Tornadoes are rare but not unheard of in Kent County during this time of year.

Fall weather typically brings cooler temperatures and less humidity with highs generally staying in the 60s or lower 70s until late October or early November when they start to drop into the 40s. Rainfall is still common throughout fall but tends to taper off towards late November or early December when snow becomes more likely as temperatures continue to drop.

Overall, Kent County experiences a temperate climate that changes significantly from season to season – making it an ideal destination for those seeking all four seasons without extreme weather conditions like those found in other parts of Delaware or further north along the East Coast.

Transportation in Kent County, Delaware

Kent County, Delaware is served by a variety of transportation options that make it easy to get around the area. The county is served by two major highways: U.S. Route 13 and Delaware Route 1, which provide easy access to nearby cities such as Dover and Wilmington. Additionally, several smaller highways serve several local communities in the county, making it easy to get around without having to take the larger roads.

For those looking for public transportation options, Kent County is served by DART First State bus service that operates throughout the region. DART offers both local and express routes with multiple stops throughout Kent County, making it an ideal option for those without access to a car or those looking for a more affordable way of getting around. Additionally, there are several taxi services in the area that can provide transportation for longer trips at a reasonable cost.

Those looking to travel further within the state or region can take advantage of Amtrak’s Northeast Regional line which serves Kent County with stops in Dover and Wilmington as well as other cities along its route such as Baltimore and New York City. Additionally, there are several airports within an hour’s drive of Kent County including Philadelphia International Airport and Baltimore/Washington International Airport which offer flights to many destinations worldwide.

Overall, Kent County provides ample transportation options for both locals and visitors alike – making it easy to get where you need to go regardless of your mode of travel.

Cities and towns in Kent County, Delaware

According to countryaah, Kent County, Delaware is home to several cities and towns, each with its own unique characteristics and attractions. Dover is the county seat, a vibrant city with a rich history and culture that dates back to colonial times. It is home to several museums and historic sites such as the John Dickinson Plantation and the First State Heritage Park. Additionally, Dover serves as the state capital – making it an ideal destination for those looking to explore Delaware’s government buildings and legislative branches.

Wilmington is another popular city in Kent County, located just outside of Dover. It offers a variety of attractions such as the Delaware Museum of Natural History, Hagley Museum & Library, and Winterthur Museum & Country Estate. Additionally, there are numerous parks in Wilmington that offer outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, biking, canoeing and more.

Other cities in Kent County include Camden-Wyoming which offers charming shops and restaurants along Main Street; Felton which features several historical sites such as the old railroad station; Harrington which has a variety of antique stores; Milford which is known for its great restaurants; Smyrna which features beautiful nature trails at Duck Creek Park; and Woodside which has several wineries that offer tastings throughout the year.

In addition to these larger cities, there are also many smaller towns in Kent County such as Clayton, Hartly, Houston, Leipsic, Little Creek, Marydel and Viola among others – each offering its own unique attractions for visitors to explore. Whether you’re looking for history or nature or something else entirely – Kent County has something for everyone.

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