Leighton Meester Is Ready to Leave Gossip Girl: We Remember Her Best Looks

Surprise. One of the actresses of fashion, Leighton Meester, that makes the role of Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl, He is already thinking about new challenges in view of the immediate future. The latest statements of the famous American announced its the serial output in two years, by contract and need to change topics of airs.

So after the initial alarm that no panic that we are still two years (hopefully) to see new styles from one of the top trendsetters of the moment. Us as we remember their best looks at Gossip Girl during 2010.

Flower dresses like Leighton Meester

One of the fashions of this year has been the flowers. They have been in force in spring-summer and autumn-winter. It is a trend that favors a lot and that Leighton Meester has wanted to join from Gossip Girl. That is why so many of her most outstanding looks are with floral dresses.

Some of these looks are very elegant, typical of his style lady like but according to what tomas then they would not sit him as well.

It is the case of this long dress that fails to wear it as it does with other garments. The theme of the footwear, as you can see in the pictures, is case apart because when they come out with this style boots or sandals that have nothing to do with the look it is because when recording unseen les feet in those shots.

The flowers arrived in summer with looks very cool and colorful, leaving alreadand intering the autumn with skirts of black background, one of the current trends. This is one of my favourite looks.

Best with beret than without it. Chic.

The style is or may not be acquired overnight overnight. Leighton Meester It has shown that it does and even a simple look of rain with an umbrella is something special in it. A transparent umbrella which fits great with this floral set.

Leighton Meester in bright colours

Over the past months we have seen looks with lots of color in clothing and in Gossip Girl they could not be less. Hence this wonderful yellow set with orange touches. Incredible. Very autumn.

Looks with Blazer, a touch of elegance by Leighton Meester

Among all the items that we can find the Blazer It is the most encouraging in the street looks. In Gossip Girl We saw a Leighton Meester with this gorgeous look with a Blazer of pictures over a short strapless dress in grey.

As an exception, I choose this look that left us on the set of filming the series. Also from my favourites by how easy that is and it well that led him.

Leighton Meester and dresses

If there is something that is well suited to Leighton Meester are the dresses, spectacular that gets it. This adjusted figure among camel tones and beige dress was that they looked better during these months of series.

Although it for spectacular when you opt for dresses from great designers like this Oscar de la Renta Red passion.

Leighton Meester-coats

Among all the coats I’ve seen during these months of filming of Gossip Girl, I’ll take these two. Pride of green with this layer, a look so elegant and at the same time so street which could only be Leighton Meester.

And then in this Azure Blue with the accessories game.

Will be a shame when it comes to the end of the series but it sure another appears to continue enjoying the great work of stylists.