Lushoto, Tanzania Travel Guide

In northern Tanzania, the city of Lushoto has its location. Under German colonial rule back in the 20th century, Lushoto was best known by the German nickname Wilhelmsdal. Almost 500,000 inhabitants live here.

Lushoto does not have much to offer compared to Tanzania’s other cities. However, should one still move on these edges of Tanzania, Lushoto should not pass one’s nose. If nothing else, the city is a great place for a small team if you are hiking in the Usambara mountain range.

Lushoto’s location

According to shopareview, the city of Lushoto is one of 8 districts in the Tanzanian region of Tanga. North of the city is the border between Tanzania and Kenya. If you head northwest of Lushoto, you will find the well-known Kilimanjaro region, where Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro, is located. Furthermore, the city is located in the western part of the beautiful mountain range Usambara Mountains.

Experiences in Lushoto

Usambara Mountains

You have not visited Lushoto unless you have been exploring the stunning Usambara mountain range. Lushoto’s location at the foot of the mountain range also gives you the best conditions for exploring the lush nature of the mountains.

This mountain range is somewhat unusual, as the chain actually consists of a series of physically separated mountains. Furthermore, the chain consists of two parts, separated by a four-kilometer-wide valley. The mountain range stretches from the southeastern part of Kenya and down through eastern Tanzania.

Here are good opportunities for beautiful walks between the small villages of the mountain range. Here you can meet the locals who typically belong to the tribes of Sambaa, Kilindi, Zigua and Mbugu. The best time to visit the Usambara Mountains is in the period from November to June, when the rainfall is least and the air is clearest.

Soni Waterfall

Not far from Lushoto is the waterfall Soni. In this area of ​​the Usambara mountain range, nature unfolds in the most beautiful way. The water is crystal clear and the temperature is a bit cold. If you are a real water dog, the temperature should not prevent however. The cold water is both invigorating and should also have a positive effect on blood circulation.

Lushoto, Tanzania

History of Lushoto

The city of Lushoto was under German colonial rule from the early 1890s until the year 1918. During that period, the area was extremely popular with European missionaries who settled in the area. In 1893, construction of the East African Railway began.

East African Railway Society

The organization behind the construction of the new railway was called the “Ostafrikanische Elsenbahngesellschaft” . The real reason for the railway’s behavior is due to competition with the British colonies, which were in Kenya at the time. The railway is still running today, winding from northern Tanga and down around the eastern port city of Dar es Salaam.

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