Morogoro, Tanzania Travel Guide

West of Dar es Salaam on the eastern side of Tanzania, lies the city of Morogoro. Informally, the city is also called “Mji kasoro bahari”, which means “city close to the sea”. However, this is a bit misleading as Morogoro is located 169 kilometers west of the port city of Dar es Salaam.

The city has 315,866 inhabitants, the vast majority of whom are Muslims. In fact, in addition to Zanzibar, Morogoro is the only city in Tanzania where women are seen wearing black burqas. Nevertheless, it is possible to visit mosques, Catholic churches and Hindu temples in the city.

Morogoro location

According to payhelpcenter, Morogoro city is the regional capital of the region of the same name. The city, located in western Tanzania, is a junction of the roads between Dar-es-Salaam and Dodoma, and also between Dar-es-Salaam and Mbeya. In addition, there are also good transport options to the cities of Mwanza and Kigoma.

Experiences in Morogoro

Shopping in Morogoro

As in many other Tanzanian cities, Morogoro has its own “Main Market”. The market opens when the sun rises and closes again when the sun goes down. Morogoro’s agricultural production is at its peak, and this is reflected here. The market sells a wide range of fresh ingredients, such as cereals, fruits, vegetables and meat.

The Saba-Saba market is equally open during the bright hours of the day. The market on the west side of the city is particularly interesting for those who want to buy clothes to take home. Many tailors stay here and offer to tailor clothes for you for a formidable price. If you love recycled finds, Saba-Saba is also for you.

Kinole Waterfall

On the other side of the Uluguru Mountains you will find the sumptuous Kinole waterfall. The trip, from Morogoro and around the mountains to the waterfall, takes an hour and a half by car or bus. On the other hand, the ride is extremely beautiful.

From your window seat you will first be greeted by dry steppe planted with baobab trees and cornfields. The closer you get to Kinole, the more green and lush nature becomes too. In the somewhat greener areas you will be greeted by the scent of cinnamon trees and pepper plants. Here, too, you will come across fields where the locals, among other things, grow pineapples.

The terrain around the waterfall has not been touched much. Therefore, you also have to set aside a small hour to find your way through the shrubbery and to the waterfall. On the other hand, the hike through the beautiful and messy nature is also child-friendly, as there is neither long nor unsafe to move. The highlight of this trip must be a fresh dip under the clear water of the waterfall.

The Uluguru Mountains

The town of Morogoro is located at the foot of the well-known mountain range Uluguru. The Uluguru Mountains are named after the local tribe of Luguru, who have lived in the mountains for over 100 years. A total of 50 small villages border the mountain range, which also creates life in the area.

Uluguru’s highest point is measured at an altitude of 2,600 meters. In the mountain range there are good opportunities for trekking and hiking, but it is a good idea to have a guide on your way. On your trip up the mountain you will have the opportunity to visit several small villages, which have its location here.

Mikumi National Park

An hour and a half drive from Morogoro is Tanzania’s fourth largest national park. The park, Mikumi, borders the Selous game reserve, and there is therefore a good opportunity for a full day trip in the area. It is also possible to stay overnight at one of the national park’s hotels. Thus, you can get the optimal safari experience out of this popular nature area.

Mikumi National Park was founded in 1964 and today spreads over 3,230 km2. The park’s nature is a fantastic mix of river plains, grasslands, savannah areas and overgrown hills.

Mikumi’s varied landscape hides many of the popular African wildlife. Among other things, you can see zebras, buffaloes, giraffes, wildebeest, lions and giraffes here. In addition, over 400 different bird species have been recorded in this beautiful park.

Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve is one of the world’s largest fauna reserves. The inviting park, which meanders over 54,600 km2, has an area that is larger than Denmark. There are many areas to explore here, and you are guaranteed an experience you will never forget.

Selous’ landscape consists of several different habitat types. Especially grasslands fill a part of the park. The nature of the reserve is particularly amazing as the majority of the area is not affected by human activity.

The National Park is one of the places to visit if you dream of experiencing the “Big Five” phenomenon. Here elephants, the rare black rhinos, lions, leopards and buffaloes live side by side. Especially those who are fascinated by the largest terrestrial animal, the elephant, should give Selous Park a visit. No less than 30,000 elephants live here in the area. This makes the park the place in the world with the densest concentration of elephants.

Morogoro, Tanzania

The history of Morogoro

Education in agriculture

Morogoro is the center of agriculture in the region and for a large part of the population this is their livelihood. It is also felt through the region’s educational opportunities, including the Sokoine Agricultural University. The very religious city of Morogoro also has a Muslim university.

80 pct. of the city’s water supply comes from Mindu dam by the Ngerengere river. The dam project started in 1978, and has since given the city problems with bilharziosis infection, due to mercury from the surrounding gold mining. In 2012-2013, Chinese contractors launched a new rehabilitation program aimed at clean drinking water for Morogoro residents.

The musicians’ hometown

Morogoro has been home to several influential musicians, including jazz musician Salim Abdullah and guitarist Mbaraka Mwinshehe. Morogoro is also known for its football club Polisi Morogoro. They made the city particularly proud in 2015, when the team qualified for the Tanzanian first division league.

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