Mozambique Government and Politics

Following the 2004 Constitution, Mozambique is a democratic and unified state republic according to The President of the Republic holds the country’s supreme executive, elected in the general election for five years and with the possibility of re-election once. The president is also military commander-in-chief and appoints the prime minister and the rest of the government, as well as almost all of the state’s top officials.

Legislative authority has been added to the Republican Assembly. It has 250 deputies, elected in general elections for up to five years in a proportional electoral system with the provinces as the electoral district.

Administrative division

Mozambique is divided into 10 provinces and the metropolitan area. The provinces are governed by governors, appointed by and responsible to the president. A popularly elected provincial assembly holds relatively few areas of government. Local elections are held in 53 cities and towns, but rural areas (and the population there) are governed by centrally appointed administrators who are almost exclusively members of the Frelimo government party. At the local level, and especially in rural areas, the territory is again subdivided into areas that “belong” to a local family with traditional authority (or “regulo”, something can be translated as “chief”). At district level, or in urban areas, the Frelimo Party has appointed its “village secretaries”.


The Supreme Court is the Supreme Court, which also serves as a Constitutional Court. Otherwise, there are lower courts at the various administrative levels. The legislation is based on Portuguese examples and customary law. Also see AbbreviationFinder for abbreviation of MZ and its meanings of Mozambique.

Presidents of Mozambique

Mozambique is a republic in southern Africa. The state was created under Portuguese colonial rule. In 1975, the country gained independence following a liberation war led by Frelimo. The four Presidents of the Republic have since come from this party, and at the same time they have been party leaders for Frelimo.

Mozambique was a one-party state under Frelimo’s first president, Samora Machel, and during parts of Joaquim Chissano’s presidential term. The first Democratic presidential election was held in 1994, and has since been held under the Constitution every five years. The President of Mozambique has extensive power under the Constitution and appoints the government, as well as the central and local state apparatus.

List of Presidents

Period President
1975-1986 Samora Machel
1986-2005 Joaquim Chissano
2005-2015 Armando Guebuza
2015- Filipe Nyusi

Mozambique Head of Government

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