Nicole Richie Will Design One Line of Clothing, Another Famous One

Yes, there is no doubt that the fashion world every day becomes an opportunity so anyone who has a name can make your first design. In some cases more and others less successful or even as a total fiasco. The most recent acquisition in the long, long list of famous designers is the newlywed and new mother, Nicole Richie.

According to a source close to the Richie Finally she has decided to take out a line of clothing and jewelry, which has been years promising his fans. I must say that I am not one of them and that their style I not crazy at all.

However, Nicole is determined to succeed and as the work cannot be lightly, as he has been consulting experts to put together the pieces of the puzzle and be able to create a pretty good idea. In principle, everything is very strange, since it will not sell in stores and will go focused on the small among infants and children 5 to 6 years and will be done by means of a web site in which orders will be recorded.

In it, low-income people enlistarán what they need and people most likely will buy them for them. A very ambitious project and if I have understood correctly it appeals to the rich to give to the poor, I suppose that Nicole will have much to do.

There is no doubt that motherhood has stuck it to Nicole.