Office 24/7 Asks: Is Inspiration Or Even Plagiarism?

That vertically-oriented company, so Zara, H & M and co, adhere to extremely successful business models, is no secret. “Extremely successful“ in this case is: sales increases and rising – not least because catwalk trends of the big fashion designer already ready hanging just a few weeks in the stores of the cheaper chains for sale. Ahead of itself with their actual authors so

Some people in favour of this development, referred to the business with the quickly converted designer pieces as “democratisation of fashion”. Finally so each of us can have cake some of the glamorous piece, without offending their account to the bitter death.

Geoffrey Beene 2004 and Celine fall winter 2013, image via Office.
Others, mostly those with the bigger purses, shake violently, however, with the heads. It’s no fun to spend so much money when but the mob is almost identical through the purely moral point of view, all this also questionable. When I fully to write a math work from my seat neighbor, I must reckon with a smooth six instead of a windfall. Right or so wrong? I abstain at this point. No, because I had no opinion, but simply because I can understand both sides. One should be mentioned however. In the fashion industry, the fast-fashion companies steal not only at traditional brands, but actually at each.

The Russian online magazine Office 24/7 as presented to us some time ago a very nice example. Prada, Dior, Céline – they all get „ inspiration “ in the wide range of colleagues. Once they dig it deeper in the past, once the clock is turned back only a few a few seasons. How do I find it? Good and not objectionable. Why should a classic like the magnificent flower dress, leave worn by Grace Kelly in the sink? There praise me however, that pays homage to this old beauty Dior and quasi reanimates them. A similarity is obviously to recognize the new lies however in detail. Equipped with high-tech film classic is finally in the year 2ß13 – what joy.

Zara vs. Dion Lee:

Balenciaga vs. Jeffrey Campbell:

Acne vs Gina Tricot. Givenchy vs. Gina Tricot.