Patricia Field Puts His Stamp at “Kath & Kim” and “Confessions of a Shopaholic” Premiere

It’s the new CBS bid, that that almost all of the series touches turns them into gold, and features to Selma Blair and Molly Shanon in the role of a mother and a daughter who live with its pluses and minuses in one Florida neighborhood. Actually is the American version of an Australian series of the same name: Kath and Kim.

Everything is far from the glamour that is acostumbada Patricia Field, who after years how prosperous business jumped to a fame with Sex and the city and dealt with adapting a novel’s success to the big screen and make it a cult film for all lovers fashion (and Meryl Streep, all told to step): The Devil Wears Prada.

After that rained it offerings on television with minor to greater fortune, because although currently occupied with the costumes of the hilarious success Ugly Betty (remember the clear parallels that we established between Carrie and America Ferrara) her earlier projects did not go as well stand. Cashmere Mafia It was removed from the grill television much before the end of his first season and Six Degrees, that occasionally put in four and it was fantastic, also disappeared from the map without a trace.

Your task in this new sitcom seems quite simple since the circumstances of its protagonists, and judging by the images that have been arriving us, the thing is conspicuous by its lack of elegance. Although just very familiar with the field of the “ordinariness” this lady that, at first glance, one would never say that he created the wonderful looks that have made her an expert in the field.

The series I think that I will save it, although I admire their ability to make the ordinary something almost exquisite and mix parts of Dior clothing market and well stop sali, and best hope for was Debuts his new film: Confessions of a Shopaholic, something like confessions of an addicted to shopping, a movie based on a novel (a best-seller) of Sophie Kinsella that you can find in any bookstore and has many similarities with the Devil Wears Prada. And no, it is not that it has felt identified…

The film is starred by Isla Fischer y Hugh Dancy (the handsome boyfriend of Claire Danes), and chronicles the misadventures of a girl who has it all but that spends more than what you can. Not is if worth the plot (surely not spend entertaining although I do not think that you picking up more), surely it’s worth the entry, they will be the outfits. That Yes, to see it will have to wait at least until February of the coming year, It’s when it premieres in United States.