Places to Visit in South Africa

You must experience this on a trip to South Africa

Krüger National Park

When you enter the Krüger National Park, it’s like being invited into the scenery from the famous Disney movie The Lion King. The circle of life takes place here, where herbivores and wilderness predators live side by side. On a drive across the bumpy terrain of the savannah, a cunning lion could be spotted among the baobab trees, and rhinos would stray out in front of the jeep. Two safaris in South Africa will never be the same.

The Krüger National Park is over 100 years old, and the savannah is one of South Africa’s great attractions. The 150 animal species have an area almost as large as Jutland to romp on. It is estimated that about 12,000 elephants live in the Krüger National Park. Sure, the animals are at the center here, but you must not forget the fascinating South African nature.


According to ezinereligion, KwaZulu-Natal is a charming province in South Africa. Here is, truly, everything the heart desires. Take a trek in the vast natural areas where the Drakensberg takes you to heights above the clouds. Find the many spectacular viewpoints between scrub and terrain from which you can spot Blyde River Canyon on the horizon.

In KwaZulu-Natal, the giraffes stroll unnoticed across the arid savannah, ancient storytelling takes shape at Nelson Mandela’s Capture Site and there is life and happy days in busy markets.

When you need to relax, you can head to the area’s fantastic sandy beaches. However, do not forget the caves with the detailed bushman paintings. Bushmen are a natural people who haul the title home as Africa’s oldest culture with over 20,000 years behind it.

Garden Route

If you travel along the coast of South Africa from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth and further north, a matter-of-fact and pleasant nature experience awaits. Along the way you will encounter the Garden Route where dolphins and whales appear for you. In cities like Knysna, Hermanus and St. Francis Bay you can even taste the varied maritime life.

We recommend this trip to any curious soul. Here you will be thrown headlong into new marvelous experience. For example, taste zebra steak in Knysna or visit St. Francis Bay where whitewashed houses and beautiful sandy beaches meander side by side.

St. Francis Bay is simply one of South Africa’s amazing gems. A visit to Knysna and St. Francis Bay on the Garden-Route trip is an absolute must. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Garden Route has an incredible amount of experiences to offer – it is only the imagination that sets the limits.

Amakhala Game Reserve

North of Port Elizabeth is the Amakhala Game Reserve. On your trip to South Africa, the national park gives you fantastic conditions for magnificent experiences such as river safaris, jeep driving and the famous phenomenon The Big Five.

The sensory barometer explodes when the eyes look for the wildlife in your surroundings. An adrenaline rush strikes when you can suddenly sense the figure of a lion or a rhino. Amakhala Game Reserve is a unique opportunity to visit all the exciting South African animals in their natural and familiar surroundings.

As a guest in the animals ‘home, you get a glimpse of the animals’ everyday life. Here it is quite normal for a lion to throw itself over a smaller prey animal, a giraffe gazes over the tallest trees and a curious cheetah keeps a close eye on outside guests. Look forward to an unpredictable and mysterious ride through the Amakhala Game Reserve.

Amakhala Game Reserve

Cape Town and its vineyards

This cosmopolitan metropolis must be visited on a trip to South Africa. The city exudes life, culture and history. Here, an aura guards the existence of the apartheid era in the country, giving the city a historical authenticity. In the Area around Cape Town, the wine rows extend on winding lines as far as the eye can see.

Cape Town’s maritime life is extremely fascinating. Likewise, the peninsula is Cape of Good Hope and not least Robben Island where Mandela was held captive. Taste experiences in Cape Town are also incomparable. For example, visit Mama Africa, where you can taste meats such as crocodiles, ostriches and wild boar.

One of the experiences that many visitors to Cape Town strive for is a moment with the South African penguins. You will find them at Simon’s Town just outside the city limits. The beautiful birds are without a doubt a rarity.

Types of travel in South Africa

Safari in South Africa

A trip to South Africa almost always includes a safari in the open air. On a Game Drive in one of the many reserves, you can get up close and personal with some of South Africa’s most popular animals – including lions, rhinos, elephants and leopards.

Cultural journey in South Africa

Every wine connoisseur has made the notes of South African wine dance on the tongue before. Why not repeat the success in the homeland of the delicious wines? Take the wine route north from Cape Town, where wineries stand as lined up in a row.

Train journey in South Africa

Join Tourist Travel on an unforgettable and extremely luxurious train journey that takes us across Africa. From the large windows we see how the landscape changes, depending on where we are. Maybe we are lucky to spot wildlife in their natural habitat.


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