Press Days Berlin And Even More Beautiful Little Things – Part 3

Thanks chanel came last week me nothing’s nothing complete time schedule messed up. Granted, there are significantly worse than in the hallowed halls of the parisian label to look around, and anyway we have rummaged like just another more beautiful pieces for you from the berlin agency, to forge savings plans together with you. Actually I think at the moment but anything else than 2.55. That bags prices increased to loose 15 percent yesterday and I had at the classic, bicycle chain, 450 euros had managed to save. We push’s aside before I get red pustules on the face – and take a look at a few more affordable pieces, making sure at least as happy:

For example on the sandro-boots with velvet laces, the new bag label sankar self & rieth or or the beautiful olga in the great head-to-toe look with pinstripes. Ready for part iii our press days snapshots?


Still looking for a second car? We can hardly imagine that we have seen in the coming winter because tired of – and this duo of element could collect completely.

Each & other:

When art meets fashion – then it can be just to each & other. An artist co-op joins on the other and connects very well with everyday inspirations and art. The result? Polaroid prints on sweatshirts or small nuggets of wisdom on tops.

Sankar & rieth:

Love at first sight or also: sankar & rieth. The hamburg label know what we want, manufactures minimalist companion leather and makes all of this by hand. This justifies the price unfortunately also: from 1000 upwards, her loved ones.

Kaviar gauche:

Marriage is not on the plan, but the good old theme wedding – so it off to kaviar gauche. And if the purse strings but nothing there, then let us look at just the accessories – and which revolve around the heart.


There was a time, as the label rika focused exclusively on star – and was thus unfortunately so not our taste. Although are galactic notes still to find, however much understated and economical. For example works when the bag’s, or do you have any objections?


Yes, heart to heart is giving away. Sandro makes us these days really anything but easy, evokes our wallet and let us consume almost lost in thought. The cord boots for the winter anyway, are quite high in the course, as well as the two-parter with cat and sun-print or the velvet backpack. Crap, crap, crap.