Questions and Answers for Travelling to South Africa

Is it safe to travel to South Africa?

Due to the current circumstances, we strongly recommend that you keep up to date with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ travel instructions in connection with COVID-19. You can read more about how we handle cancellation, travel guarantee and much more in relation to coronavirus right here . Below you will find our general recommendations for the destination.

Yes, basically it is safe. As far as the general security in South Africa is concerned, as a tourist traveler you are predominantly at low risk of being exposed to robbery and the like. Of course, you have to take precautionary measures, and you go a long way with common sense (eg avoid showing objects of high value, do not move in certain areas after dark and do not hitchhike).
Should unexpected situations arise on your trip, we of course have an emergency telephone that you can call around the clock.

At Tourist Travel, we do our utmost to make you feel safe when you leave. We ourselves have an in-depth knowledge of all destinations, and therefore we dare to call ourselves experts. Our package holidays are a safe solution because we have tailored a combination of the very best – and safest – experiences for you.

When is it best to travel to South Africa?

According to franciscogardening, you can travel to South Africa all year round. Although the country is divided into several climatic zones and the weather can therefore vary from north to south, the average temperature is approx. 25-30 degrees. Read more about the climate in South Africa here .

Do you need to apply for a visa when going to South Africa?

All Danish travelers have a visa requirement. In addition, children must have their own passport, and all passports must be valid for at least 30 days in addition to the stay. We recommend that you stay informed about all applicable visa rules on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website .

What currency is used in South Africa?

The South African currency is called rand (abbreviated ZAR). As it is only allowed to bring 5,000 rand per. man – both on entry and exit – it is a good idea to also have dollars with you, which can easily be exchanged for South African rand in many places

Can you take your children to South Africa?

South Africa is an incredibly child-friendly destination. There are a huge number of sights gathered within a short distance, so it is not necessary to drive for hours. In addition, it tends to make a big impression on the little ones when you spot the animals on a safari trip.

How long does it take to fly to South Africa?

It takes approx. 13 hours to fly from Denmark to Johannesburg in South Africa.

Does traveling to South Africa require vaccinations?

Yes, it does. Exactly which and how many you should have depends on the length of the trip, content and where you will be staying. Therefore, it is important that you investigate in good time which vaccinations are necessary for your particular trip. We recommend that you either contact your own doctor or a vaccination clinic. Read more about vaccinations before your trip to South Africa here .

What language is spoken in South Africa?

11 official languages ​​are spoken in South Africa – English, Afrikaans and a total of nine Bantu languages. However, one will get far with English, which is the dominant language in i.a. the media and the government.

What is the time difference between Denmark and South Africa?

Depending on whether it is summer or winter time in Denmark, there can be an hour time difference. If it is summer time in Denmark, the time is the same in South Africa. If it is winter time, there is an hour difference.

How is the price level in South Africa?

In general, prices in South Africa are low compared to the Danish ones. Tips are a big part of South African culture, so be sure to give plenty of tips (10-20% of the total price) – preferably more if you have received an extra good service. Especially in the service industry, gratuities are an important supplement to the staff’s already low salaries.

Is there malaria in South Africa?

There is a predominantly low risk of becoming infected with malaria. Whether you should take malaria prevention medication depends on the length and content of the trip – your doctor can help you with this. Mosquito nets will be available in many places, but be sure to bring mosquito spray from home.

Garden Route

Popular animals you can experience in South Africa

A trip to South Africa is like visiting two different countries, due to the country’s location between two climatic belts. In the north, wildlife is centered around traditional African safari animals. Here is almost a guarantee that on a trip here you will experience “The Big Five”, consisting of lions, buffaloes, elephants, rhinos and leopards on a Game Drive in the Krüger National Park. In addition, there are also great chances of encountering giraffes, hyenas, hippos and crocodiles, depending on where in the park you are.

If you are traveling further south along the Garden Route and the east coast of South Africa, it is time to explore maritime life. At the Dolphin Trail you can see hundreds of curious dolphins, while the port city of Hermanus is home to the sea’s giant whales. In the southern part of the country, maritime life is particularly rich. Here penguins, otters and fish live in all guises. Therefore, do not cheat yourself of a freshly caught seafood platter on arrival in Cape Town.


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