Rumor: Withdraw Is Anna Wintour of Vogue

The other day we talked about the rumor Madonna as new image of Louis Vuitton, waiting to be able to confirm it, is another even stronger rumor all online, and we all know: when the river sounds… On this occasion, everyone talks about the withdrawal of Anna Wintour as the head of the American Vogue.

There is no page of fashion and particular blog that echo of it, has not been made so it is even more suspicious. It is said that the English is tired of the post of editor and that it has finished a stage, where they no longer can take more than Yes. If so, is more than commendable decision, since the career of one of the most influential people in the world of fashion has been impeccable, leaving it when I had to leave it: in the highest peak.

It is true that his power was not before, but has always retained its influence. Better to withdraw now that doing so when it starts to decline his style (if that happens one day). But all this is mere hypothesis of the American world people, maybe released to remove to Anna Wintour of his throne.

The English contract comes to an end, after 20 years of service to Vogue and this has brought so much talk. Now, if the great Wintour withdraws, who will cover his position? A position of the most influential in fashion. The fall in the sale of numbers can be one of the causes that support this rumor (as we discussed, Vogue USA is pulling on a wrong path in its new issue).

But most importantly: who will make company to? André Leon Talley in parades?